On-Site Calibration: What is it and why use it?

by Garber Metrology

While calibrating your gauges is essential to ensure accurate measurements of your processes and products there are options in how to go about it. The calibration process itself can be a challenging process for the company involved. In many instances the method to address this situation is to calibrate the gauges at the customer’s facility.  By adopting this methodology it essentially eliminates down time by eliminating the gauges being sent out of the facility to the calibration services provider. The only delay is the amount of time it takes to calibrate the gauge.

This process lends itself better to multiple gauges and also depends upon the gauge types involved. In preparing for an on-site calibration event we ask our customers to provide the following:

Gage List – which should contain the mfg., ID#, and calibration cycle. This information will allow us to prepare our documentation prior to the calibration event. If there are calibration requirements for specific gauges that information would also be important to know ahead of time. This promotes efficiency and accurate data recording for each gauge.

Provide a point of contact (POC) that will be responsible for locating and providing the gauges to the technicians.

Provide a area suitable to set up the calibration equipment and that will have the proper environment to calibrate the gauges accurately.

Have sufficient lighting and power along with provisions to utilize wifi or VPN connections for technician to use laptop computers.

Garber Metrology technicians have been trained in many disciplines so we are able in many situations to use less technicians for an on-site event which assists us in providing first rate calibration services at a better price.

Please contact us today if you would like to receive more information, or an estimate for on-site calibration of your equipment.

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