Customer Reviews

KLM (Manufacturer)

“I am working….to get everything possible that we send out to have calibrated that is then sub-contracted out to another supplier, routed thru Garber. There are 3 reasons for me taking this action:

  • Garber’s continued excellence in calibration which includes quality of customer service, timeliness of calibration service, and cost.
  • Eliminating the current vendor due to delivery time of calibration service.
  • Narrowing down of vendors used to focus on a core team of vendors.

Thanks to Kara, who is extremely supportive and provides excellent customer service, and the whole Garber team for all of the excellent service before, during, and after the calibration efforts.”


S.N. (Electronic Component Manufacturer)

“The service we have received thus far is nothing short of superior. I do not doubt the instrument’s return condition or the calibration data. You and your organization are a pleasure to work with. I have recommended your organization to other calibration coordinators within our building.”

S.N.Electronic Component Manufacturer

G.S. (Hy-Tech Machining Company)

“We have found the staff at Garber Metrology to be first rate, always professional and courteous. Garber is always quick to respond to any requests for quotes, documentation and other inquiries and questions about the work they perform.”

G.S.Hy-Tech Machining Company

D.L. (Chocolate Manufacturer)

“Garber Metrology has always been there for us during emergency situations. Garber Metrology is a very safety oriented company. We can always count on Garber Metrology. They always follow through on their work, and they ALWAYS backup and support what they promise. We can always count on Garber Metrology to perform their services on time during our scheduled shutdowns. We have never failed an ISO inspection because of Garber Metrology’s precise calibration efforts and teamwork.”

D.L.Chocolate Manufacturer

B.K. (High Frequency Cable Manufacturer)

“Garber Metrology has been our calibration solution for over 10 years. Garber has always been a valuable asset to help our company with our calibration and scale needs. The staff is professional and courteous. Thank you for helping us grow our business with yours.”

B.K.High Frequency Cable Manufacturer

T.W. (Dental Instrument Manufacturer)

“Garber has always been there for us. Whatever and whenever we need something done, they step up where others have failed. Thank you. Looking forward to continue doing business with you in the future.”

T.W.Dental Instrument Manufacturer

C.J. (Generator Manufacturer)

“Since we have started using Garber Metrology for calibration, we have been very pleased with the quality of service, friendliness and willingness to help us search other avenues to fulfill our needs.”

C.J.Generator Manufacturer

J.P. (Bearing Manufacturer)

“Customer Driven Organization. Their staff of workers are always courteous and professional when working in our facility. Very competent organization.”

J.P.Bearing Manufacturer

K.T. (Aggregate Business & Construction)

“Garber Metrology is our single source for 24/7 service. Whether it is an asphalt plant’s weigh hopper at 2:00 am or a quarry’s new truck scale install to accommodate our growth, Garber Metrology is there to take care of all our scale needs.”

K.T.Aggregate Business & Construction

S.L. (Plastic & Thermoforming Industry)

“I cannot say enough about your company’s customer service. Everyone I have dealt with has been a pleasure to work with. Getting quotes, pickups, service….your company has their act together.”

S.L.Plastic & Thermoforming Industry

B.B. (Electronic Components Firm)

“I have dealt with everyone at Garber for over a year, and everyone that I have had contact with has made my life so much easier. Our calibration is in the best shape it has been in forever and your company and staff have made that possible. Everyone goes above and beyond in helping me, not only with the ongoing calibration of all of our units, but with problems that arise, repair of broken equipment and expediting when and where necessary. What a great experience it has been to have your team as my “go to” for any and all calibration questions and problems.”

B.B.Electronic Components Firm

K.M. (Testing Laboratory)

“It makes our job less stressful when we can depend on you, as our service provider, to meet the needs of our customers and company. Garber Metrology not only meets our technical needs, but also provides a business professionalism that we very much appreciate.”

K.M.Testing Laboratory

J.S. (Machining & Hydraulics)

“We first contacted Garber because we had an urgent customer requirement to satisfy and needed the insights of a calibration specialist. Garber stopped in the next day and toured our facility to see how they could best help us. They provided guidance for some of our current measurement requirements as well as the urgent need. Their recommendations led us to purchase a gage from a third party that worked well and in time to solve the customer need. Garber was committed to help us with no commitments or sale of services on the horizon. Clearly, they fit our ethos and standards; we wanted to learn more about them. For over a year now, Garber Metrology has partnered with us to handle the gage calibration for a few hundred of our gages. We also appreciate their online customer portal which has improved how we approach calibration. Their staff communicates exceptionally well. We enjoy partnering with Garber Metrology to deliver the highest quality parts to our customers.”

J.S. Machining & Hydraulics

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Garber Metrology staff adheres to stringent quality procedures and industry standards regardless of where our services are performed. To learn more or to receive a free quote contact us today.