Vacuum Gauge Calibration Services

When you need to get your vacuum gage tested, the vacuum gage calibration services from Garber Metrology will ensure your equipment is delivering accurate readings. Our technicians ensure your gage is fully reliable and meets the industry standards for your industrial or scientific application. Ship your equipment to our laboratory or schedule an on-site visit from a technician today for an accurate and compliant vacuum gage.

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Calibrating a Vacuum Gauge

Gauges can become contaminated, degraded or otherwise affected by your work processes. As a result, their readings may be inaccurate and inconsistent. Vacuum gauge calibration is essential for:

  • Achieving reliable results: The results from a calibrated vacuum gauge are reliable. The gauge will work as expected, so the results can be trusted. These reliable readings are also reproducible, which is critical for quality testing.
  • Identifying problems early: If your readings seem incorrect, calibration serves as a guiding point for repairs. The calibration process can identify the source of the problem for quick and easy correction.

Send your vacuum gauge to us for calibration if:

  • Your gauge is due for service: We recommend calibrating your vacuum gauge yearly to prevent failure in the field and ensure your results are accurate.
  • The readings seem incorrect: A calibration from our experts is the next step if your gauge is taking unusual readings. We can make the unit operational again.
  • The gauge has been contaminated or jostled: If your gauge got bumped or contaminated in your facility, calibration can make sure it continues to function properly.

Our Vacuum Gauge Calibration Equipment and Expertise

Garber Metrology performs vacuum gauge calibration services at our facility and on-site. Regular calibration services from our team ensure high-performing equipment for your business. Our tests involve five to 10 pressure points, depending on the level of accuracy desired.

We calibrate vacuum gauges using industry proven standards. The pressure calibrator is set to a specific pressure for our technicians to test your gauge against. During testing, we set a known standard to these pressure points and record the readings from your gauge. Comparing your gauge to the standard verifies if the readings are correct and helps us identify the source of any gauge issues.

Why Partner With Garber Metrology?

Garber Metrology is your one-stop shop for full calibration services. We calibrate vacuum gauges for businesses in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. With our services, you can keep your vacuum gauge compliant while reducing your downtime.

Our technicians know how to calibrate vacuum gauges to ensure adherence to industry standards. Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations.

Garber keeps your downtime low with fast turnaround times. Our calibration technicians can work at your site or in our full-service accredited laboratory.

Calibrate Your Vacuum Gauge Today

Ensure your vacuum gauge is working accurately with vacuum gauge calibration services from Garber Metrology. We have served the region’s equipment calibration needs since 1975 and are fully dedicated to providing professional expertise for our customers.

Request a quote for your service today. Contact our technicians online or call 1-800-427-3032.


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