Caliper Calibration Services

Calipers are used to measure dimensions of objects during production. These devices take on different shapes and can follow imperial and metric scales. Your team requires calipers with accurate markers for consistency between products, so Garber Metrology is here with caliper calibration services to meet your needs. Verify the calipers you’re using for original parts align with industry reference standards.

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Calibrating Calipers for Production

It’s vital that any measuring tools used in production are properly calibrated for quality control. No matter if you belong to the automotive, manufacturing, military or medical industries, using calipers that are inspected by professionals can save you from complaints and recalls.

Your facility’s calipers should be calibrated frequently — at least once per year. However, you might need services more often depending on how regularly you use the tool. Garber Metrology owns the tools necessary to inspect your equipment. Our professionally trained calibration technicians know how to calibrate calipers in many configurations and will use resources like gage blocks, rings, pins and machines to find the source of measurement errors.

How Garber Metrology Calibrates Calipers

Feel confident measuring the size, depth and step of machined components once our professionals complete the caliper calibration process:

  • Garber Metrology removes dirt, grease and dust to obtain true measurements.
  • Your calipers then move to an environmentally controlled lab to stabilize for 24 hours.
  • We then check the structural integrity of the calipers.
  • We perform a zero-reading check followed by a series of tests using gage blocks to record data.
  • Once we verify that your device is working properly, we’ll provide a certificate of calibration. This document confirms that your calipers meet or exceed your industry standards.

The Garber Metrology team will inform you when your calipers need adjustments or repairs. We’ll remain transparent about the timeline and costs associated with your project from the start of our partnership.

Your Physical Dimensional Calibration Professionals

Few calibration companies can claim they have been working with customers since 1975. Garber Metrology has spent more than four decades perfecting calibration processes and offerings for your benefit.

Decide whether you would like us to perform caliper calibrations at your facility or if you’d prefer a local pickup and drop-off. It’s our goal to keep your calipers compliant with industry standards while providing quick service turnarounds to promote uptime in the workplace.

We are a one-stop shop for calibration services. Our team will treat you with the utmost respect. Whether you work in quality control or are a production plant manager, we take the time to answer any questions you have about caliper calibration from the moment you reach out to us.

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Take control of your production process with calibration services from Garber Metrology. We will oversee the equipment you count on for success and ensure the measurements you record for original products, tools and instruments are as accurate as possible. We complete most routine jobs in five days or less.

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