Whenever you manufacture anything, from agricultural tools to fine automobiles, precise equipment makes every job easier to complete with the exact specifications your clients expect. Today’s customers have no shortage of options, so it’s important to do everything you can to deliver a quality product. If your torque wrench is losing accuracy and compromising the viability of your goods, reach out to the team at Garber Metrology for expert calibration services.

With Garber Metrology on your side, you don’t have to waste time learning or teaching someone how to calibrate a torque wrench. Our services are well-known across the mid-Atlantic region for a reason, and we’re ready to show you the difference accurate tools can make in your project development.


Calibrating a Torque Wrench

Like many measurement tools, torque wrenches require calibration regularly to maintain accuracy. At a minimum, tools like this need calibration once a year, but as the accuracy can change with movement, mishandling and even regular use, many commercial applications need calibration services more often.

However often you need professional torque wrench calibration services, Garber Metrology will be there to oblige. We’ll come to your facility and calibrate them on demand, or if you prefer, we’ll pick them up and calibrate them in-house. We have a strict turnaround period of five business days so you can minimize downtime and get back to exceeding expectations as soon as we deliver your device back to you.

Torque Calibration Expertise

We take calibration to the next level. Our certified technicians are trained in operating both indicating and setting torque devices, and we can quickly determine whether your torque wrench falls within the acceptable tolerance.

First, we’ll use our indicating standards to determine how much force your torque wrench exerts, giving us a baseline adjustment point. If your tools are in need of recalibration, we’ll apply our setting devices. These tools are already calibrated to the ideal torque specifications, and as we adjust your wrenches, they will alert us when we restore the proper force regulations.

Partner With Garber Metrology

Garber Metrology aims to be there for you through every precision application you complete. We calibrate a range of devices so we can be your one-stop solution to keeping your equipment in order. With every job we complete, we provide a Certificate of Calibration registered with NIST so that you can have the same confidence in our work as we do.

Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations.

Request a Quote for Your Torque Wrench

Garber Metrology’s torque wrench calibration services mean you get better results during your most critical measurements. We also provide calibration services for similar equipment, including torque sensors, loading benches, pressure gages and more.

Whether you want us to come fix your tools in-house or would rather send them to our calibration center, our team is eager to get started. Contact us today to get a free quote on our services and schedule an appointment with our experts.


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