Truck Scale System

Your operation relies on truck deliveries of raw goods and ground shipping for finished products. Regardless of the context, weighing these trucks is essential for increasing your operation’s profitability. An automated truck scale system can improve scale yard efficiency and measurement accuracy.

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Automated Truck Scale Systems Designed for Your Needs

Garber Metrology designs turnkey truck scale systems to suit your operation’s workflow and spatial limitations. With automation, your operation can streamline data collection and gain valuable insights into shipping processes.

Your custom system will rely on truck scale software to collect data. We can establish various data management solutions to ensure your system suits your workflow. For instance, we can integrate your truck scale system with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or interface to most existing customer software applications . Send data over your preferred connection, including Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232, RS-485/422 to keep your system running effectively.

When collecting data, you must be able to operate even when your network is down. Our team can establish local storage options to keep you up and running during an outage. With report generation features, you can gather insights from truck weight data to make informed decisions about your processes. Weighmasters can also monitor data remotely as it’s collected.

Garber Metrology can help you integrate a few different types of scales, including:

  • Unattended: Automated truck scales can feature remote monitoring so that weighmasters do not need to be present to control the flow of traffic and provide scale tickets. Your unattended system will have automated traffic gates to manage the flow of traffic, cameras for viewing the platform, and deliver tickets upon completion of the transaction.
  • In/Out: Measure a truck’s in and out weights with unique identity information like license plate or employee numbers. We can design these systems to provide tickets upon weighing when required.
  • Bidirectional: Smaller facilities often need a scale that can weigh trucks coming into and leaving the scale yard. Our automated bidirectional systems can sense a truck’s orientation and guide the driver into the right place. A single scale will separate data according to the truck’s orientation for the best use of your limited space.

Why Work With Garber Metrology?

Since 1975, Garber Metrology has supported businesses across industries with calibration services. With our support, operations maintain the utmost precision with all measuring instruments. Our integrated solutions take precision one step further. With these tailor-made measuring systems, your operation can leverage powerful data and make more informed decisions about your processes.

Our calibration services will assist you as you rely on our integrated solutions. We can serve your needs throughout the Northeast with two facilities in Lititz and York, Pennsylvania.

We also provide calibration services on-site with our mobile calibration team. Our team carries the necessary equipment to complete your calibration needs in a single visit. With a team of calibration professionals, we deliver expert services at every scale. We are also ISO 9001 Registered by NQA and ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by ANAB to ensure quality throughout all processes.

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