Over 1,000,000 Calibrations Since 1975 and Counting

For more than four decades, Garber Metrology has been providing exceptional weighing solutions and calibration services to the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. From our humble beginnings as a small-scale seller, our metrology company has grown and developed along with the technology and advancements of available equipment.

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Accreditation and Certifications

It is the policy of Garber Metrology to continuously improve our processes to ensure the highest quality services to our customers. Garber Metrology holds the following certifications/accreditations:

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Garber Metrology staff adheres to stringent quality procedures and industry standards regardless of where our services are performed. To learn more or to receive a free quote contact us today.

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This heavy capacity unit is used for truck scales.

Garber Metrology has two main divisions — weighing solutions and precision calibration and metrology services. We provide scale and balance equipment sales, installation, calibration and repair services to a broad range of industries.

Our laboratories hold many accreditations to provide the most accurate calibrations in the area:

Weighing Solutions

Garber Metrology supplies a broad range of weighing solutions perfect for any application. We are one of the region's largest distributors of weighing equipment, with products from the industry's best manufacturers.

Weighing solutions must be carefully selected to meet your needs. Each has unique weight measurement capabilities designed to accommodate different requirements such as the size and composition of the items being measured, the weight range needed for the items and how precise the measurement must be.

We also provide repair services for existing weighing solutions. Our expert technicians can identify and resolve problems with weighing equipment, either in-house or in the field. We come prepared with everything we need to resolve problems efficiently and minimize downtime.

Precision Calibration

Garber Metrology is also a calibration service company equipped to calibrate equipment for weight and accuracy across countless standards.

Our experienced technicians and metrologists can expertly and meticulously calibrate any measurement equipment. We know how important it is to maintain precise measurements, so we ensure your equipment is as accurate as possible.

Electronic Calibration

Electronic test equipment can supply accurate measurements if it is properly maintained and calibrated. Equipment that hasn't been calibrated will begin to deliver significant measurement errors that can throw off your production. Depending on the equipment, most electronic measurement tools should be calibrated every six to 12 months to ensure they're performing according to specifications.

Garber Metrology technicians have an average of 17 years of experience servicing a wide range of electronic and electrical test and measuring equipment.

In-House and On-Site Calibration

Our in-house services are performed in state-of-the-art laboratories such as our newest temperature- and humidity-controlled lab in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

We are well-equipped to handle any on-site repairs or calibrations at your business as well. Our technicians are experienced in various work environments and can perform high-quality calibration anywhere.

Garber Metrology staff adheres to stringent quality procedures and industry standards regardless of where our services are performed.

Minimize Downtime

When equipment needs to be calibrated or repaired, it can bring production to a halt. Our metrology services have fast turnaround times meant to minimize your downtime. All equipment serviced at our in-house labs is delivered in five working days.

For customers in the local area, we offer pickup and delivery services within our five business day turnaround. We also provide expedited turnaround and overnight shipping for a nominal fee to clients who are farther away.

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