The automotive industry requires the navigation of complex processes and use of careful precision across many different tasks. If your industrial operations need a trusted automotive equipment calibration solution, Garber Metrology can deliver highly accurate calibration offerings.

We are a service provider and partner for companies in the automotive industry, providing flexible services to address your requirements and accommodate your schedule. Whatever your applications, you can depend on us to provide convenient, efficient and reliable calibration services for your equipment.

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The Importance of Routine Calibration for Automotive Equipment

Measurement errors can be costly and harm the quality of output for automotive equipment. Routine calibration is key to ensuring that tools and equipment continue to meet industry-wide standards during the manufacturing process. Adhering to high measurement accuracy standards for optimal precision is critical for manufacturers to deliver products that perform as expected.

A wide range of factors can influence measurement accuracy in automotive equipment, from temperature to humidity, and the precision of the affected measurement tools will decrease over time. For this reason, you must maintain regular calibration processes to keep your equipment performing at its utmost accuracy for the job. When you consistently have high-accuracy measurements, you’ll be able to ensure top-quality output, saving you on costs and labor in the long term.

Five Types of Automotive Equipment That Need Calibration

Throughout automotive operations, various types of equipment require accurate calibration. Whether you need on-site or in-lab calibration service, Garber Metrology offers options to address your requirements.

Several different automotive equipment types benefit from routine calibration, including:

  • Calipers: Consistent calibration can maintain the precise measurement capabilities of the calipers you use for daily dimensioning operations.
  • Gages: Tools such as depth gages, bore gages and dial gages require high precision for operation, and they need to be periodically maintained to continue providing complete accuracy.
  • Digital tools: Over time, digital devices such as digital brake micrometers and indicators can become less precise, which is why calibration is crucial for their continued use.
  • Torque wrenches and testers: To ensure you can reliably measure and produce the correct torque, you must calibrate these tools periodically.
  • Gages: Vacuum gages and pumps, tire pressure gages, height and thickness gages, and other vital tools need regular calibration to ensure they’re operating correctly and reporting accurate measurements.

From ohm meters and voltage testers to thermometers and humidity equipment, a range of other automotive equipment may also require regular calibration to ensure optimal performance. When you’re operating this equipment, you must provide appropriate maintenance to get the best functionality from these devices and tools.

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