Pressure Gauge Calibration Services

Pressure gauges require periodic calibration services to be able to do their best work. Every brand and model has different guidelines for calibration frequency, but the fact remains that this sensitive equipment requires regular maintenance and confirmation of its accuracy to be reliable.

Garber Metrology is your local expert on everything calibration. When precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance to your work, only put your pressure gauge in the hands of those who will treat it as the vital piece of machinery that it is.

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Calibrating a Pressure Gauge

If you use a pressure gauge in a commercial setting, you should get it professionally recalibrated at least once a year to meet industry standards.

While some people encourage learning how to calibrate pressure gauges yourself, commercial recalibration should always be done by a professional. This is because you need precise measurements with every use, and the more sensitive your pressure gauge, the more challenging the calibration procedure will be. Plus, having your employees learn this special skill takes time away from contributing to your bottom line, lowering productivity and profit margins.

How often you actually require pressure gauge calibration services depends on a few factors, including:

  • How frequently you use the gauge
  • If the equipment is misused or suffers damage at any point
  • How often the manufacturer or your industry’s guidelines suggest calibration

Our Pressure Gauge Calibration Equipment and Process

At Garber Metrology, we have specialized calibration equipment that accurately measures even the most complex measuring equipment up to 20,000 psi.

Within minutes of our evaluation, we’ll be able to tell you if your gauge is out of tolerance and in need of repairs or replacement or perform an adjustment so your equipment is ready to continue to provide accurate results. We understand how critical measuring devices are to your operation and will do everything possible to complete our calibrations within five business days.

Partner With Garber Metrology

Garber Metrology has been calibrating equipment like yours all over the United States for decades.  We pride ourselves on being available when you need us and offering outstanding customer support, and we can perform calibration of your pressure gauge on-site or in our fully equipped facility — whichever is more convenient for you.

Whether you work in food processing, oil refining or another industry entirely, if you use pressure gauges, we’re ready to help. If you think your equipment is in need of a reset or you’re preparing to make critical measurements, we’ll make sure everything is exactly the way it needs to be.

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Gain peace of mind that your equipment can do the work you require with professional pressure gauge calibration services from Garber Metrology. We offer in-house services or on-site pressure gauge calibration near you. Contact us any time to learn more about our process request a quote to get started as soon as possible.


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