Torque Calibration Services

Since 1975, Garber Metrology has prided itself on offering the best torque calibration services near you. Proper torque calibration is an essential function for relevant metrology equipment to ensure it displays accurate readings. Regular calibration mitigates or eliminates potential errors caused by inaccurate measurements, improving the repeatable accuracy and reliability of instruments used in critical processes.

A variety of instruments utilized in your operation may require precise calibration, including torque devices and load cells. Our torque calibration services can be conducted on-site at your facility or in our labs. Regional pickup and delivery services are available.

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Torque Calibration

Torque calibration must be performed on instruments that apply torque during production stages. During torque calibration, the amount of torque an instrument produces is compared to the allowable tolerance, allowing our accredited staff to determine if the instrument requires adjustment. Torque wrench calibration, for example, ensures the instrument delivers exact tension to the fastener for safety and proper functioning.

The torque calibration process ensures reliable measurement and traceability. Torque calibration requirements come from various sources, including manufacturer specifications, federal and international specifications, ANSI/ANME standards, and customer requirements.

Torque calibration services utilize a variety of torque calibration tools, such as:

  • Torque transducers.
  • Tensiometers.
  • Torque wheels.
  • Calibration hex step adapters.
  • Weights.
  • Loading benches.

These tools are used to calibrate a range of torque-applying instruments, including:

  • Torque sensors.
  • Torque multipliers.
  • Torque screwdrivers.
  • Torque watches.
  • Torque wrenches.


Our certified technicians perform various torque calibration services, including torque tool calibration. We measure the amount of torque a tool outputs with indicating or setting devices and compare that value to relevant specifications for these tasks. If we see the output is not within acceptable tolerances, we can recommend and make adjustments.

We offer our services in two ways — either we come to you, or you can send your equipment to our lab. From there, we’ll complete our two-step process of:

  • Indication: Indicating equipment helps us see how much torque your tools exert based on their current settings.
  • Setting: Once we know where to start, we can use our setting tools to adjust the torque value to the proper output.

Once calibrated, your instruments will provide the correct amount of desired torque value. We can send them back to you perfectly in tune or leave you to get back to your work immediately upon completion.

2 Common Types of Torque Calibration

We use two types of tools to perform torque calibration:

1. Indicating Tools

The first type of equipment for torque calibration is indicating torque tools. These instruments measure and read the amount of torque your equipment exerts. The classes for indicating torque tools are:

  • Class A: Deflecting beam and coil spring torque wrenches.
  • Class B: Scales or digital displays.
  • Class C: Electronic measurements.
  • Class D: Scales or dial displays.
  • Class E: Electronic measurements.

2. Setting Tools

Setting torque instruments have a pre-set torque value, and they release a signal when the tested tool exerts the specified amount of force. These are the classes for setting torque tools:

  • Class A: Variable adjustments, either graduated or equipped with a display.
  • Class B: Fixed adjustments.
  • Class C: Variable adjustments without graduation.
  • Class D: Variable adjustments without graduation.
  • Class E: Fixed adjustments.
  • Class F: Variable adjustments without graduation.
  • Class G: Adjustable beams with graduated scales.

Trust Our Team for Professional Calibration Services

At Garber Metrology, we’ve spent more than 40 years servicing a myriad of instruments across almost every industry you can name. We back our experience with professionally trained and certified technicians and a robust Quality Assurance program that meets legal and industry standards. When you work with us for torque and mass calibration services, we can:

  • Ensure your instruments are compliant.
  • Reduce downtime with rapid turnarounds.
  • Perform calibrations on-site or in our facility.
  • Offer regional pickup and drop-off.
  • Perform emergency response services 24/7 and 365 days a year for our scale customers.
  • Provide expertise and knowledge for various industries and processes.


At Garber Metrology, our services adhere to strict industry certifications and best practices, including:

  • ISO 9001 Registration by NQA.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by ANAB.
  • Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST.
  • Torque calibration for all brands of torque instruments.
  • 5-day turnaround time on in-house calibration services.
  • Convenient on-site torque calibration near you.
  • Reductions in time and cost, eliminating the need to send instruments.
  • Advanced torque calibration equipment delivers faster turnaround versus manual methods.

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Contact Garber Metrology for Calibration Services

Whether you send us your torque equipment for calibration in our on-site lab or you have us come to you to measure crucial heavy-duty equipment, Garber Metrology will use our best tools and advanced knowledge to ensure your results are precise. Our services deliver vital information anytime your equipment is damaged, upgraded or otherwise affected in a way that may impact your measurements.

Torque calibration services ensure accurate and repeatable measurements from your critical instruments. Garber Metrology is available to assist with all your torque calibration needs — please contact us to see how we can help you get the most out of your torque equipment.


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