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Garber Metrology for Your PXI Card Calibration Needs

If you’re looking for the best calibration possible, you can trust Garber Metrology to keep your tools in top condition. You’ll never have to worry about whether your equipment accurately calibrated. Our dedicated labs and extensive knowledge ensure you get the calibration you need with quick turnaround times, so you won’t have to go too long without your mission-critical devices.

We provide accredited instrument calibration services for National Instruments (NI) PXI cards. These cards serve various applications, including military, aerospace and other business environments. They are critical to your operations and need to work reliably every time. At Garber Metrology, we provide on-site or laboratory calibration, depending on your needs.


New National Instruments/KEYSIGHT PXI Card Calibrations at Garber Metrology

*Please contact us to see if we can calibrate your PXI Card Make and Model* 

Whether you already trust us to calibrate your tools for you or are entirely new to the Garber Metrology family, we are proud to announce that we now offer NI card calibration service. There are roughly 1,500 PXI products on the market, and National Instruments produces about one-third of those. Having a team capable of calibrating PXI cards is vital. If you rely on National Instruments for your PXI products, you already know how critical it is to have a partner that can calibrate these tools.

Without the knowledge and experience of calibrating NI equipment, you might end up trying to do the job yourself or overspending on purchasing a new set of tools. Since Garber Metrology has the experience to provide National Instruments calibration for you, you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to get your tools to function again.

PXI products naturally lose calibration over time, so you need a reliable partner to perform regular NI calibration services. At Garber Metrology, we perform calibration according to your hardware and nature of your application.

Here are a few features of our calibration services:

  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration vendor
  • wide range of calibration expertise
  • State-of-the-art calibration equipment and methodologies
  • Services across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Washington, D.C.
  • Pickup and delivery options
  • On-site calibration provided

Types of National Instruments PXI Cards We Calibrate

National Instruments offers a wide selection of over 600 modular systems based on the PXI and PXI Express technology. Here is a small list of a few of the PXI cards we can calibrate from National Instruments:

  • 6036E
  • 6B11
  • 9205
  • 9215A
  • 9234
  • 9263
  • AT-MIO-16DE-10
  • AT-MIO-16DL-9
  • AT-MIO-16E-10
  • AT-MIO-16E-2
  • AT-MIO-16XE-50
  • CDAQ-9171
  • CDAQ-9172
  • CDAQ-9219
  • CFP-TC-120
  • DAQCARD-6036E
  • DAQCARD-6062E
  • FP-AI-110
  • FP-AO-200
  • NI 9203
  • NI 9205
  • NI 9205 WITH DSUB
  • NI 9208
  • NI 9211
  • NI 9212
  • NI PCI-6224
  • NI PXI-4022
  • NI PXI-4070
  • NI PXIE-4154
  • NI USB-6008
  • PCI-4060
  • PCI-4065

Remember that this list only represents a fraction of the National Instruments PXI cards we can calibrate. So, if you don’t see your PXI card on the list, don’t worry. We can still calibrate it.

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Calibrating electronic instruments is an essential part of using and maintaining equipment. For industries like aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and pharmaceutical, we recognize how critical it is to have instruments that work correctly and provide accurate and repeatable results every time. With the inclusion of PXI cards, Garber Metrology can calibrate more electronic equipment, ensuring that we can calibrate any tool for the job.


We are ISO 9001 Registered by NQA and ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by ANAB. Garber Metrology also provides fast turnaround times and various testing options. Talk to us about PXI calibration.


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