Infrared Thermometer Calibration Services

Depending on your industry, measuring the temperature of objects from a safe distance may be a normal part of your routine. Your team might rely on this technology to manufacture original parts or products. Any time infrared thermometers are used in testing procedures, it’s important to calibrate them for accuracy.

Garber Metrology cares about the outcome of your efforts. Trust us for infrared thermometer calibration services to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Calibrating Infrared Technology to Save You Money

Looking out for your customers means all steps of the production process must be fine-tuned. Allowing your infrared thermometers to go uncalibrated and lose their accuracy could result in your original goods taking on improper shapes or machines overheating to the point where they break prematurely.

Garber Metrology saves you from having to repeat production or send machines to repair professionals. We calibrate touchless infrared thermometers to deliver accurate measurements, giving you confidence that the temperatures on your devices are correct so your equipment will operate efficiently.

Our Process for Checking and Calibrating Infrared Thermometers

Our professionals know how to calibrate infrared thermometers through multiple means. We take the appropriate measures to analyze, adjust and certify the tools you rely on for success. Some infrared technology can be inspected at your facility, but we may advise sending your equipment to our lab to best serve you. Infrared thermometers are tested at our facility by:

  • Blackbody calibrator testing: This process involves setting up an object with a precise known temperature. The target object is scanned by an infrared thermometer for comparison.

Your Temperature Calibration Experts

Several specialized tools are necessary to complete the calibration process, including a thermal radiation source, ambient temperature thermometer and mounting device.

We’ll speak to you about calibrating infrared thermometers to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications or the standards of your industry. Our experts may suggest taking your equipment to our temperature-controlled lab to complete the calibration process there from start to finish. However, we also offer the opportunity to have it calibrated on-site at your facility.

Why Partner With Garber Metrology for Infrared Thermometer Calibration Services?

Our company has been helping customers since our founding in 1975, giving us an unmatched level of expertise. Additionally, all of our calibration technicians are professionally trained for your peace of mind. We complete work without cutting corners and strive to help you avoid unwanted downtime.

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Our team wants to hear more about your infrared thermometer equipment. We’re here for all sorts of professionals, including quality control and maintenance personnel. We’re transparent about pricing and timelines so you can make a fully informed decision. Ask Garber Metrology for a service quote online.


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