In the manufacturing industry, you face wide-ranging demands for efficiency and high-quality output for your products. Your equipment must be precise and up to date to ensure it can handle your applications and provide the trusted capabilities you require for your operations.

If you’re looking for a solution to ensure verifiable precision for your equipment and facilitate highly accurate processes, Garber Metrology offers what you require. Partner with us and find options to match your manufacturing equipment calibration requirements. We’re a trusted partner for companies in this demanding industry, providing expertise in the manufacturing calibration process to fit your industrial specifications and ensure full compliance with the latest standards.

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Why Is It Important to Perform Routine Calibration on Manufacturing Equipment?

Over time, many different factors can inhibit the accuracy of manufacturing equipment, including humidity, heavy use, temperature, and various other environmental and usage contributors. Routine calibration is critical to ensure your vital machines and instruments continue to work correctly and deliver accurate readings. When you rely on multiple tools and equipment for essential manufacturing functions, you need to be sure that the measurements you’re getting from your equipment match the true values precisely.

With periodic calibration, you’re able to verify the accuracy of your readings and adhere to industrial standards for precision. Garber Metrology can handle your routine manufacturing equipment calibration needs and provide the services you require to keep your equipment in optimal condition for your day-to-day operations. Whether you need us to handle processes at our accredited laboratory or come to your work site to provide service, we’re available to assist you. Our experienced technicians are on call to meet your calibration needs.

Five Types of Manufacturing Equipment That Need Calibrated

We can provide manufacturing calibration service for many different types of equipment, including:

  • Pressure gages: You must have pressure meters that provide accurate readings for manufacturing processes, which is why calibration is a key component of equipment upkeep.
  • Scales and weights: Verifying measurements on the components you manufacture requires routine calibration of your devices to ensure precision, especially when you’re working within tight tolerances.
  • Tachometers: To ensure you’re seeing the most accurate results from your tachometers, you need to order periodic calibration services.
  • Oscilloscopes: With calibration for oscilloscopes, you can ensure that they’re displaying accurate voltage readings.
  • Thermocouples: Regular calibration allows you to get the best performance and reliability from your thermocouples and verify that temperatures are correct for heat-sensitive processes.

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Partner With Garber Metrology for Manufacturing Calibration Service

When you need trusted solutions for the calibration of manufacturing equipment, we offer the services your operations require. Work with us and experience the benefits:

  • Reliable customer service: As a full-service calibration company, we are a one-stop shop to address all your requirements, with industry-specific expertise and flexible services to match your unique needs.
  • Quick turnaround: At Garber Metrology, we understand how critical it is for you to minimize downtime, which is why we provide prompt turnaround to get your equipment back as soon as possible.
  • Regulatory compliance: We keep up with your industry’s latest regulations and ensure full compliance and accreditation for all our manufacturing equipment calibration processes.

If you would like more information on our services, we’re ready to answer any question you may have. Contact us today to speak with a team member.


Garber Metrology staff adheres to stringent quality procedures and industry standards regardless of where our services are performed. To learn more or to receive a free quote contact us today.


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