Multimeter Calibration Services

Your multimeters are responsible for a great deal, measuring resistance, voltage and currents in a single device. That also means that if your multimeter isn’t accurate, your final product may have incorrect measurements in more places than one.

Garber Metrology offers reliable multimeter calibration services, aiming to ensure you have accurate equipment so you can complete projects and deliver excellent results. Our services involve top-tier equipment in the hands of certified professionals who know how to calibrate a multimeter quickly and correctly.


Multimeter Calibration

Calibrating electronics like a multimeter takes a practiced hand and a strong knowledge base. Regardless of the industry you work in, you have calibration regulations to maintain, and many of them require knowledgeable technicians and specialized equipment.

If you want to maintain your production levels, you don’t have time to train employees on how to calibrate multimeters, and you may not need calibration often enough to allow them to become experts. At Garber Metrology, calibration is our focus. Let us excel at what we do so you can get back to succeeding in your own field.

Our National Electronic Calibration Expertise

Your multimeter may need calibration services for many reasons. As you use your equipment, its precision gradually degrades over time. To fix this, you need to recalibrate it periodically based on a standard of reference. However, most people and companies do not have this type of equipment on hand.

Since you may only need to recalibrate your equipment as little as once a year, it often makes more sense to let a professional handle this project, leaving you to focus on the rest of production.

We offer the option to send your equipment directly to our accredited laboratory for calibration. If you prefer on-site multimeter calibration near you, our technicians are eager to service you in the field as well.

Why to Trust Garber Metrology

Trusting any business with your most crucial equipment is a big ask, and that’s why Garber Metrology has done everything we can to give you confidence in the reliability of our work. When we calibrate your multimeter, we’ll present you with a NIST-Traceable Certificate of Calibration.

Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations.

Our technicians understand your position and train tirelessly to be able to give you the quality service you deserve. We have customers all around the mid-Atlantic who can attest to how well we do our job.

Request a Quote for Your Multimeter Calibration

Every measurement your multimeter takes is a chance to prove your excellence and commitment to quality. At Garber Metrology, we do everything possible to empower you to deliver satisfactory results. Our calibration services cover far more than your multimeters too — come to us to calibrate all your delicate equipment, including pressure gages, torque tools and various measuring devices.

When you need multimeter calibration services, trust the team that will treat your equipment as their own. Our services allow us to get to you any time you need us so we can minimize your downtime and get you back to the work you’re known for as soon as possible. Schedule our services or request a free quote to get started when you contact our team online today.

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