Threaded and Plain Gage Calibration Services

Quality control departments must make sure their threaded and plain gages adhere to set standards for accuracy in production. When there are errors with your gages, original components, parts and tools will likely need to be remade.

Relying on Garber Metrology for threaded and plain gage calibration services is the right call. We’re a regional leader in calibration services and will confirm the accuracy of your plug, ring and pipe gages.

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Importance of Calibrating Threaded and Plain Gages

Threaded and plain gages must be calibrated frequently in order to accomplish their purpose. Any threaded or plain gages that feature incorrect characteristics can lead to recalls or a component not working as intended. With Garber Metrology, you can rest assured that the measuring instruments you use will help create parts that pass inspection before exiting your production facility.

Our Threaded and Plain Gage Calibration Procedure

Garber Metrology offers threaded and plain gage calibration services to assess, adjust and certify measuring tools. Our professionally trained calibration technicians have the skills and expertise to check whether your gages feature any surface defects that might render them unusable or in need of calibration work.

The following is a brief look at our calibration process:

  • Garber Metrology technicians clean the gages.
  • Each piece is left to stabilize.
  • Your gages are inspected for wear.
  • We measure each gage’s pitch diameter, major diameter and thread leads.
  • Our technicians will begin calibrating your gages using specialized equipment.

We Have the Level of Experience You’re Looking For

Garber Metrology has a history of serving customers in the food, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, military, automotive and agricultural fields for 40+ years. Most of the calibration services we offer can be completed with a five-day turnaround. You can also talk to us about visiting your workplace in Pennsylvania and neighboring states to finish calibrations on-site.

When you need gage blocks, plain plugs, plain rings, threaded plugs or threaded rings calibrated, we’re here for you. Allow us to verify that the geometrical properties of your threaded and plain gages are correct for your applications. We pay attention to the fine details to ensure your equipment meets federal and industry regulations.

The Best Choice for Threaded and Plain Gage Calibration

Our team calibrates threaded and plain gages on a timeline that makes sense for you. Arrange for a local pickup and drop-off or you can ship them on in. We work quickly to complete calibrations with minimal disruption to your operations.

Make sure your equipment remains compliant to eliminate future obstacles for your business. There’s a reason professionals have been choosing us since 1975 — we’re a one-stop shop for calibration services and provide the highest level of customer service.

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Garber Metrology holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations for your peace of mind. Learn more about pricing for threaded and plain gage calibration services by requesting a quote.


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