Gage Block Calibration Service

If you work in manufacturing, medical, automotive, military or agricultural industries, you likely use gage blocks during production. The metal blocks are useful for making measurements efficiently, but this is only the case when gage blocks undergo routine calibration for compliance.

Garber Metrology is your source for in-house calibration services. Trust a company that has been serving professionals in your field since 1975. Our professionally trained calibration technicians will inspect your measuring devices and make appropriate changes to help you prevent production issues.

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Calibrating Gage Blocks for Your Industry

It takes an experienced individual to calibrate gage blocks for producing parts, tools and related technology. Whether you work in a factory or laboratory, rely on Garber Metrology to calibrate gage block sets for your applications.

Our company is a regional leader in gage block calibration services. We work with your measuring devices in temperature-controlled environments to keep you in compliance with your industry standards. We can calibrate gage blocks in various shapes, and we’ll have your gages back to you within five business days.

How We Calibrate Gage Blocks

Garber Metrology uses the following steps to complete this calibration service:

  • Our team performs a thorough removal of oils and films and allows the gage blocks to stabilize.
  • We measure your gage blocks on a Universal Measuring Machine utilizing standards traceable to NIST.
  • We let you know if there is any need for gage block alterations.
  • Garber Metrology makes adjustments to your equipment in a temperature-controlled lab.
  • Our professionals generate a certificate of calibration as proof of accuracy in gage block size.
  • We’ll give you the certificate of calibration and include details about original findings.

Garber Metrology accepts shipments of gage blocks as well. Ship them into our Lab and we’ll calibrate them and ship them back within five business days.

Decades of Physical Dimensional Calibration Experience

Garber Metrology evaluates every aspect of your measuring tools. We ensure your gage blocks measure within a specific degree of accuracy to issue a certificate of calibration. When your gage blocks call for repair, replacement or adjustment, we are transparent about the next steps to correcting the problem.

Verify the widths, lengths, thicknesses, diameters and angles of your gage blocks are correct with the help of Garber Metrology.

Reasons to Choose Garber Metrology to Calibrate Gage Blocks

Unlike the competition, Garber Metrology has over four decades of experience working on measuring instruments. Our company has grown to be a leading regional provider of weighing solutions and calibration services.

We complete calibration jobs with immense attention to detail. Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations. Have us complete routine service for gage blocks or 24/7 emergency response work as needed.

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Our professionals look forward to helping you. For your convenience, we offer the ability to have equipment calibrated on-site at your facility or in-house at our accredited laboratory. If you’re interested in scheduling our gage block calibration services, you can get a quote from Garber Metrology today.


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