Viscometer Calibration Service

Viscometers are instruments that measure liquid flow and viscosity (thickness). Viscometers must be accurate to detect acute changes in the properties of a substance since liquid thickness matters for the product’s end use. Uncalibrated viscometers can give inaccurate readings, affecting product quality and costing your business.

Make sure your viscometers are properly calibrated with viscometer calibration services from Garber Metrology. We ensure your instruments are working correctly and providing the reliable and repeatable results you need.


How to Calibrate a Viscometer

Viscometers measure the internal friction and molecular density of a fluid, as this factor determines how the substance flows. Since these measurements are specific to a molecular level, viscometers must be sensitive to the physical makeup of a product.

Using a viscometer frequently can wear down its components, and the instrument can accumulate debris. These factors impact the integrity of your viscometer results. If you use an uncalibrated viscometer for your testing, it can compromise the quality of your work. Your products may be recalled or wasted if they’re not the correct thickness.

Calibration is necessary if your viscometer is providing results outside of its accuracy specification. This process ensures viscometers can accurately detect viscosity changes, ensuring accurate results. We recommend scheduling a professional calibration one to two times a year.

Garber Metrology Has Viscometer Calibration Expertise

Garber metrology is a professional calibration company that has served the mid-Atlantic region since 1975. Our techniques, environment and expertise allow us to properly calibrate viscometers and other scientific instruments.

We will also use your viscometer to record a liquid viscosity measurement to compare it to a known standard. If the reading is wrong, we will calibrate your viscometer accordingly. Your calibrated viscometers improve product safety while reducing wasted materials.

When you send your viscometer to us for calibration, we will make sure your device is in working order by:

  • Inspecting the instrument to identify degradation that could affect the results.
  • Checking the function of the viscometer’s internal mechanisms.
  • Evaluating the pivot point and shaft.

Why Trust Garber Metrology to Calibrate Your Viscometer?

Garber Metrology is the leading calibration professional for businesses across the mid-Atlantic. We provide a unique combination of full-range calibration services and accreditations for fast and reliable results.

When you request a calibration from us, you can send your viscometers to our in-house laboratory for servicing. Our accredited lab features temperature- and humidity-controlled zones to ensure accuracy throughout the process. Our technicians can also perform the calibration at your work site for convenience.

Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations. You can trust that your calibrated viscometer will comply with industry standards.

Request a Quote for Your Viscometer Calibration Today

Calibrated viscometers provide reliable results to create quality products for your customers. If your viscometers need to be checked, Garber Metrology is prepared to help. We have worked with businesses across dozens of industries to meet their unique calibration needs.

Choose Garber Metrology today. Contact our calibration technicians online or by phone at 1-800-427-3032.

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