Surface Plate Calibration and Resurfacing Service

Surface plates offer essential stability for measuring parts and equipment with tight tolerances. Your quality control department understands the significance of reliable dimensions and equipment. Without them, you can’t guarantee your products will meet customer parameters and legal regulations.

Like other tools, surface plates need periodic testing and inspection to verify that they comply with industry standards and accurately measure your products. At Garber Metrology, we can test, calibrate and inspect granite surface plates for companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


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Why Is It Important to Calibrate a Flat Surface?

Calibration ensures your surface plates meet flatness specs for your grade, which makes accurate measurements possible.

Most flat surface plates are granite, and they are instrumental in your quality control department’s precise measurements. Environmental factors, accidents, and other catalysts can make these surface plates uneven, which skews your measurements.

  • Wear and tear from testing or abrasions from dust and debris.
  • Acidic, abrasive, or other adverse solutions used to clean the plate.
  • Direct sunlight and other environmental factors that cause thermal expansion.
  • Pools of moisture on the plate.
  • Unstable humidity and temperature.

If your surface plate is uneven, your quality control department can’t rely on their measurements. If you ship a product that doesn’t meet industry standards or customer parameters, you may have to issue recalls, raising your production costs.

How to Calibrate a Flat Surface

Before we calibrate a surface plate, our team cleans the surface with a safe cleaning solution. Then, we use a repeat measuring gage to find any peaks or depressions. A surface plate’s “flatness measurement” is the variation between its highest and lowest points. Our team compares that value to plate-specific tolerances and consults GGG P 463 — a federal specification — to ensure the surface complies with flatness regulations for its size and grade.

If a single point on the surface plate causes a variation that fails to comply with its guideline, we must reject or resurface the plate. If this is the case for your granite plate, you can trust our surface plate resurfacing services to restore your flat granite plate.


Trust the Professionals With Your Surface Plate Calibration

At Garber Metrology, our clients trust us for electronic, physical, dimensional and granite surface plate calibration. We also test, calibrate and inspect weighing and measuring equipment for various industries. Coupled with that expertise, entrusting surface plate resurfacing to us has several advantages, including:

  • Scale solutions 24/7 emergency response services, 365 days a year.
  • Rapid turnaround and minimal downtime.
  • Services performed in our accredited, full-service, and temperature-controlled laboratories.
  • Dependable and knowledgeable on-site and in-house calibration technicians.
  • Professionally trained calibration technicians who understand your needs.

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Garber Metrology is one of the leading providers for scale sales, electronic, physical, dimensional and granite surface plate calibration in the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond. Since our start, we’ve committed ourselves to exceeding your expectations and offering a stellar customer experience. Our Quality Management System is an actionable guide for us to continuously improve our services.


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