Thermohygrometer Calibration Service

A thermohygrometer aids in controlling the atmosphere of particular environments by measuring humidity and temperature simultaneously. These environmental factors significantly impact several industries, including food production and storage, laboratory environments and manufacturing. Our experts at Garber Metrology provide convenient and accurate calibration services to help you monitor and control the air inside your facilities.

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How to Calibrate a Thermohygrometer

Like many measuring devices, a thermohygrometer may drift away from the proper calibration over time. Calibration restores correct measurements or provides numbers you can use to apply corrections. You should submit your devices for calibration at least once a year.

When calibrating a thermohygrometer, we use the following process:

  1. Prepare the device: We visually inspect the devices we receive, ensuring sensors are clear of dust and batteries have sufficient power.
  2. Create a testing environment: We bring our testing chambers to a particular humidity and temperature, usually keeping temperatures moderate and humidity near 50%.
  3. Add the devices: After creating a testing environment, we place your instrument inside with one of our calibrated instruments and allow the measurements to stabilize.
  4. Compare readings: After measuring temperature and humidity at multiple test points, we compare readings to manufacturer accuracy specifications, and if the measurements don’t fall in that range, we repair or adjust the equipment.

Benefits of Regular Calibration

You may think your thermohygrometer performs sufficiently, but contacting a calibration company to test it will give you the confidence of knowing for sure. Getting devices calibrated regularly can bring many benefits to your operations, including:

  • Keeping instruments in better condition so they last longer without needing replacement
  • Providing better safety in your production processes in industries where precision matters, like medical, food and manufacturing
  • Saving you money by preventing environment-related product damage
  • Making it easier for you to earn the necessary certifications for your production process

We Are Your Trusted Experts

With years of experience and extensive training, our team knows how to create ideal testing environments for humidity- and temperature-reading devices. We use a controlled space where temperature and humidity do not change and keep these spaces at known levels to aid in proper testing. We also ensure that the entire area we use for testing has uniform temperature and humidity levels so that a device placed anywhere inside will display the same numbers.

Choose Garber Metrology for Calibrations

Expertise matters when calibrating thermohygrometers. Garber Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and holds ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 accreditations.

Our team is dependable and knowledgeable. We’ll return your equipment to proper working order so you can get the accurate measurements needed to maintain ideal working conditions in your facility.

Customers also enjoy additional benefits of working with us, including:

  • Fast service: We are prepared to calibrate and return your equipment within five days.
  • Convenient calibration: We can visit your location to perform testing or pick up your equipment, test it in our labs and return it.

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We’re here to serve your calibration needs. Reach out to Garber Metrology online to receive a quote for thermohygrometer calibration.

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