Fields That Work With Garber Metrology

Almost every industry uses scales in its production, packaging, or manufacturing processes. These scales help companies create a reliable and uniform product for their customers. At Garber Metrology, we perform instrument calibration services. By calibrating your instruments, we ensure our clients’ products are accurately weighed and measured, meaning you can more easily ship products and sell them. Our calibration services can also improve your workplace’s safety, depending on your industry or field.

As you look for calibration services, review some of the main industries we work with to find out more about how we can help you.

Top Industries Partnering With Garber Metrology

Since so many industries rely on measuring devices in their manufacturing and packaging processes, our team performs calibration services for many industries. Some of the top industries we provide services to include those in the manufacturing, food preparation and packaging, aerospace, defense and pharmaceutical sectors. Learn more about main industries that regularly partner with Garber Metrology for their calibration needs below:

1. Food Preparation and Packaging

Food made for the public needs to have precise measurements during preparation and packaging. If these measurements aren’t accurate, there can be inconsistencies in ingredients or quantities, resulting in changes in the food’s taste or safety. As a result, companies in this industry turn to Garber Metrology to calibrate their measuring devices and ensure all measurements are accurate.

2. Manufacturing

Many factors, such as temperature, heavy use and humidity, can affect the accuracy of manufacturing equipment. Our calibration services for manufacturing restore a measuring device’s accuracy to ensure manufacturing companies can perform their tasks safely and efficiently. By having accurate measurements, a company can trust they’re not overloading their equipment. Calibration is also crucial for packaging purposes, as packing heavy products in packaging not designed for them could result in dangerous spills and product damage.

3. Transport

The transportation industry has to accurately weigh its goods, products and vehicles to ensure quality and safety. Since the transportation industry relies on bench scales, floor scales and truck scales, companies turn to Garber Metrology’s calibration services to know their measurements are accurate. By knowing their measurement devices are accurate, they can be confident their goods and vehicles are safe. Weighing products accurately also safeguards moving equipment from overloads during the packing process and the products or transportation vehicle from damage while in transit.

4. Aerospace

Those in the aerospace industry know they must stick to very strict production protocols and meet various precision requirements. Due to this need to adhere to strict regulations and produce products safely, our calibration labs are ISO 9001 registered and ISCO/EIC 17025 accredited to ensure our aerospace clients receive highly precise calibration services. Our aerospace clients also benefit from the detailed documents and records we keep on their instruments, as it helps them certify their devices’ precision.

5. Defense

The defense industry needs its machines and equipment to work safely, especially when armed service members are out in the field. Garber Metrology helps defense contractors calibrate their measuring devices to ensure they deliver effective products to service members and prevent potentially life-threatening mistakes. Like our ability to meet high standards in the aerospace field, we can meet various regulations mandated by the defense industry to ensure a contractor’s products are safe and reliable.

6. Medical Equipment

The medical equipment industry must manufacture highly precise equipment and devices to ensure medical professionals can correctly perform their jobs and patients receive the best care possible. Due to our certifications and accreditations, our clients in the medical equipment industry regularly rely on our calibration services to calibrate their equipment and testing devices. We calibrate some common pieces of medical equipment, including microscopes, centrifuges, balances, moisture analyzers, viscometers and pipettes.

7. Automotive

Calibration processes and services are often needed in the automotive industry. Since this industry has to produce highly accurate parts to ensure vehicles work properly, calibration for measuring devices is essential. We regularly offer calibration for gages, torque wrenches and testers, calipers and digital tools to make it possible for companies to deliver high-quality products meeting industry standards.

8. Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical companies must avoid costly errors that could harm product quality and potentially harm patients. Our in-depth calibration processes assist companies in the pharmaceutical industry by helping them avoid errors. Since this industry uses many highly sensitive processes, calibration is essential to avoid measurement errors and uphold output quality. Our pharmaceutical clients rely on our calibration services to maintain their brand’s reputation and keep their customers safe.

Choose Garber Metrology for Calibration Services

With all of the industries we serve, we’re confident we can provide you with instrument calibration services. Whether we perform our services at your facility or our state-of-the-art calibration laboratory, we’ll ensure your measuring devices work correctly and deliver accurate outputs. We also take pride in our rapid turnaround 5 day turnaround time for in-Lab calibrations and the ability to provide 24/7 emergency response services for scale repairs and calibrations to our clients.

Review our precision calibration services today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.