What Is On-Site Calibration?

While calibrating your gages is essential to ensure accurate measurements of your processes and products, there are options in how to go about it. The calibration process itself can be a challenging process for the company involved.

In many instances, the method to address this situation is to calibrate the gages at the customer’s facility. This methodology essentially decreases downtime by eliminating sending the gages out of the facility to the calibration services provider. The only delay is the amount of time it takes to calibrate the gage.

On-Site Calibration Needs

The calibration process lends itself better to multiple gages and also depends upon the gage types involved. In preparing for an on-site calibration event we ask our customers to provide the following:

  • Gage list: This information should include the manufacturer, identification number and calibration cycle, which will allow us to prepare our documentation before the calibration event. If there are calibration requirements for specific gages, that information would also be important to know ahead of time. This promotes efficiency and accurate data recording for each gage.
  • Point of contact (POC): Providing a contact who will be responsible for locating and providing the gages to the technicians can help keep our teams informed so we can continue to offer highly specified services that meet your equipment and industry needs. We can also use this person to alert you of our progress through the calibration services.
  • Setup area: When you opt for a site calibration, we will ask you to provide an area suitable to set up the calibration equipment that will have the proper environment to calibrate the gages accurately. This can help our calibration experts get to work faster, so you can return to using your equipment as soon as possible.
  • Lighting and power: Have sufficient lighting and power to help our representatives efficiently and accurately carry out all calibration services on-site. Preparing other provisions to utilize Wi-Fi or VPN connections for technicians to use laptop computers can further streamline the calibration interval for everyone involved.

Trust Garber Metrology With Your Calibration Requirements

Regularly calibrating your gages is essential for ensuring your equipment can continue to provide high-quality services and that your company can continue to function efficiently and accurately. Partnering with a calibration service that understands industry needs and standards can help ensure your equipment will continually serve your business.

At Garber Metrology, we train our technicians in many disciplines, so we are able in many situations to use fewer technicians for an on-site event, which assists us in providing first-rate calibration services at a better price.  We pride ourselves on efficiency at all levels of business, so your company experiences minimal downtime.

We are an accredited calibration business, so we can help your company meet ISO and ANSI standards. With decades of calibration experience and knowledge of several industries, we can help your equipment meet all necessary performance and safety standards for efficient and high-quality products and services. Our services help you at every step of the process, with excellent customer service to help answer any questions you might have.

Please contact Garber Metrology today if you would like to receive more information or a free quote for on-site calibration of your equipment.