Fields that work with Garber Metrology

by Garber Metrology

Food to be packagedAlmost every industry uses scales in their production, packaging, or manufacturing. This helps them create a reliable and uniform product for their customers. Making sure your products are accurately weighed and measured will make your product easier to ship and sell to clients and may ensure the safety of clients depending on your industry or field. Here are a few examples of industries which use scales everyday to provide a sustainable and dependable product.

Food preparation and packaging

Food made for the public needs to have precise measurements when being prepared and packaged. If not done accurately there can be inconsistencies in ingredients or quantities that can change taste or harm public. For example a cookie factory may make chocolate chip and chocolate chip with walnuts. Some have allergic reactions to walnuts which can be life threatening. Because the walnuts are added to some cookies they will be heavier. Putting a scale on the conveyer belt can help factory workers catch rogue walnut chocolate chip cookies before packaging. This may save some lives of those who do have nut allergies.


Gaging the weight and measurements in manufacturing is crucial for efficiency and safety. When packing large orders in plants or factories there must be precise measurements so the machinery is not over loaded and the packaging does not degrade over time. For many companies the weight of the product has a huge impact on the packaging. If packaged too full it can leak, burst, or crack. While this may be simply unfortunate for products such as flour it is potentially dangerous with chemicals such as lye and boric acid. Ensuring the packaging of the contents is weighed accurately can make manufacturing simple and easy.


Like manufacturing, goods, products, and the vehicles transporting them must be weighed accurately to ensure quality and safety. Using bench scales, floor scales, and (as the goods are transported) truck scales can help ensure that the goods and those transporting them are safe and secure. If not weighed properly it can harm the equipment moving the products and can damage the items while on route. This could mean you have wasted product, time, and funds with little to know profit.

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