What Is a “Micro Analytical Balance” and How Is It Used?

What is it?analytical scale

A micro analytical balance is an incredibly sensitive balance that can measure the weight of minute and delicate objects. This balance is incredibly precise, down to the 0.1 milligrams and can measure everything from a feather to a fruit fly. This sensitive balance is incredibly important when measuring volatile chemicals, delicate instruments, and dangerous substances. In laboratories there are often hundreds if not thousands of hazardous elements that must be measured accurately to be handled safely. With micro analytical balances scientists, university students, and technicians are able to work with these substances carefully with precisian and confidence.

Where is it used?

These balances are usually used in laboratories to measure instruments, chemicals, and other necessary items. In this case they are often used as standalone instruments but can be combined with other machinery for thermo-gravimetry, sorption/desorption systems and universities. In thermo-gravimetry is the study of physical chemistry, materials research, and thermal analysis. The micro analytical balance is often used in this field to measure changes of mass in objects as the object’s temperature, pressure, and gas composition changes. By using the micro analytical balance scientists are able to measure tiny amounts of mass and their changes with these variables in mind. This can help create influential instruments, chemicals, and elements that we work with every day.

In sorption and desorption systems is the study of the rate of absorption of material. For natural materials such as sea sponges, powders, and even rocks the rate of absorption can be important to learn if we plan to use them in our daily lives or if they are endangered or rare. This way we can help preserve the natural materials or create synthetic materials as to not use the natural resources completely. By continually recording the measurements of the sample material scientists can rate of absorption on the micro analytical balance quickly and simply without disturbing massive amounts of materials or the environment around it.

Precisely and accurately measuring small amounts of substances and materials is vital to create stable elements and chemicals that we use in our homes everyday and is also vital to create secure instruments that can be used in laboratories, universities, and classrooms as well. Garber Metrology has precise and advanced micro analytical balances available. With these balances Garber offers pick-up and delivery as well as on and offsite calibration. They work to have fast and thorough maintenance.