A Gram Is Not a Weight! Weight vs. Mass Measurement

five various sized grams

A gram is a mass measurement not a weight. Mass is the measurement of matter an object contains while weight is the gravitational pull the earth has on an object. Mass is important to measure because it will measure the amount of force it will take to move the object. Mass is often measured by measuring an unmeasured object with standardized forms of measurements such as milligrams, grams and kilograms. This is important to measure raw materials, food ingredients (grains, flour, etc.), and additional products to ensure the shipment is accurate and can be used reliably.


A gram is a measurement of mass used in the metric system. The metric system replaced the gravet system in the 1600s. The metric system was originally adopted in France and its popularity grew in Europe and eventually almost all over the world.


Grams and the metric system in general is now used all over the world to measure non-liquid items. Everything from freight trains to grocery stores use grams to properly measure their goods and products to make sure their items are precise and safe for the public.

We use them as consumers as well. When you place produce on a scale it gives you the mass through grams. When you read over nutrition facts the measurements are labeled in grams.

In the manufacturing industry raw materials are often measured in grams. This way all measurements are standardized to create a reliable and accurate product or good. For mills, factories, and food preparation plants measuring materials or ingredients is vital to make products safe for public consumption.

In transport measuring freight is important for safety as well as accuracy. Without an accurate or precise measurement the freight can fall or break or the vehicle holding the cargo can buckle or malfunction. If this is on a cargo ship, train, or truck this can cause serious injuries or death.


Here at Garber Metrology we offer many scales that measure mass. Bench scales, floor scales, balances, and retail scales are just a few that we offer that can measure an item’s or product’s mass.