What Does the Department of Weights and Measures Actually Do?

Metrology is critical for its part in the quality infrastructure. We rely on measurements that can influence our health, quality of life, environmental impact and commercial prosperity every day. Metrology standards ensure your measurements remain stable, accurate and comparable with others. The purpose of the Department of Weights and Measures is to perform annual inspections on various weighing and measuring devices across the state. Tasked with regulating a diverse range of products and services, the department maintains fairness and assures equity in the marketplace.

Standard Weight and Measures

Many items we buy are packaged based on their weight, volume or quantity to ensure we are given a fair and dependable product for the price. To guarantee the weight of one pound of flour in one store is the same in another, hundreds of weights and measures officials travel all over the state to test scales, scanning equipment, packaging systems and packaged products.

The Department of Weights and Measures helps businesses give their customers the best product possible by using highly accurate field standards for testing commercially used equipment. They also work in laboratories to create reliable scales and weights. Without measurement standards, it would be challenging to complete simple tasks like buying fabric or using cookbooks.

A Bit of History

Established in 1915, the department was formed with local, county and state employees to ensure standardization of all scales and measurements such as weight, mass and length. Pennsylvania Standard Labs implements calibrations in mass, volume and length to find an average in equipment that’s as accurate as possible. The Department of Weights and Measures visits businesses and works with manufacturers to create reliable and accurate weighing devices. Their established requirements help ensure safety for consumers and security for businesses.

The Importance of Calibration Standards

The Department of Weights and Measures holds a critical role in promoting the uniformity of laws, regulations and calibration standards for all weighing and measuring equipment. Many testing and calibration services, including those offered by Garber Metrology, use these standards to keep your equipment compliant with minimal downtime. Standards are necessary to achieve equity between consumers and businesses in the marketplace.

Metrology is a universally relevant endeavor for all users of measurement and across all industries. Its application has generated specific systems for quantification, covering every aspect of the measurement chain. Agreed standard methods for measurement help support a foundation of consistency and assurance for all end-user measurements. Those using the same measurement standards benefit from reliable results.

For Consumers

Consumer protection is an essential aspect of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Rides and Measurement Standards. When buying measuring implements for your home, you can visit the Department of Weights and Measures database or contact them directly. They can provide a list of retail stores that offer scales that the organization has approved.

Consult the inspection reports for various weighing and measuring devices before purchasing products for your home. This guidance will make the food and materials you prepare for your family safer and more consistent, something you will definitely appreciate! It also ensures your meals have the correct amount of spice to them.

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For Businesses

Businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores and bulk food establishments have a representative from the Department of Weights and Measures. These representatives come in once a year to recalibrate scales, weights, timing devices and other measuring instruments. This visit is required to ensure accuracy and dependability so businesses can confidently sell food, textiles and materials to customers.

You can ensure a business’s scales and other measuring equipment are up-to-date by looking for the health inspection certificate, which should appear displayed on the wall. You can also feel free to ask the employees questions about how they use their scales. A knowledgeable staff member can often answer any questions you have, whether at a restaurant, grocery store or craft supplies store.

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