RTD or Resistance Temperature Detector Probes

What Is An RTD Probe?

An RTD probe is a sensor that measures temperature by comparing the resistance of the probe’s element with the object being measured. The element that is used in the RTD probe is usually a fine coil of platinum, nickel, or copper wrapped around a ceramic or glass core. The coil is then sheathed in a protective layer of glass or a tempered metal to withstand high temperatures.

The RTD Probe works using the repeatable resistance of the element versus the operating temperature range, or R v T. By measuring the element’s resistance you can calculate the temperature range. While we are able to do this manually, most RTD probes are able to convert the element resistance into a temperature gage automatically.

RTD probes are used in many different fields of industry. Most notably the RTD is used in restaurants, manufacturing plants, food preparation operations, and transport vehicles.

In restaurants these probes are often used to gauge the varying temperatures in ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and other machinery that requires dependable temperatures. With RTD probes you can find out how long it takes to reach the optimal temperature and how long it takes for machinery to cool down or heat up after being turned off. This way the restaurant can be sure that all the food they are preserving and using is kept at safe temperatures to avoid possible contamination.

Manufacturing plants use RTD probes in a different way. Probes are used to ensure manufacturing plants are kept at safe temperatures for their employees. They are also used in duct work to find out if they are moving the air at safe temperatures that won’t damage property or endanger employees.

In food prep, RTD probes are used in similar ways that they are used in restaurants. They often have to measure industrial ovens and freezers to avoid contamination of thousands of pounds of food. They are also used in their transport vehicles for food. The cargo holds must maintain certain temperatures while in transit. Otherwise the vehicles are simply moving unusable goods.

RTD probes are vital for many industries and are used everyday to provide healthy, good quality food, goods, and materials.