Hermetically Sealed Load Cells and You

What are hermetically sealed load cells?

The common load cells are made of mild steel, but a hermetically sealed load cell is made of stainless steel. The reason for the Hermetically sealed classification is the load cell is airtight, not allowing any outside environment conditions to affect the Wheatstone bridge resistor.

How are they used?

Scales are found in all sorts of environments, some more hazardous than others, many need washed down. The hermetically sealed load cells allow scales to place in some of the harsh environments, I.E Fertilizer Plants, Food Processing Plants, or even Livestock scales.

Why are they important?

Harsh environments require harsh cleaning processes, the hermetically sealed load cell in combination with NEMA 4 type junction boxes gives customers the confidence to complete the cleaning process. Please feel free to contact Garber Metrology with all your weighing questions; our factory training professionals are available for your scaling needs.

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