Truck Scales

Large truck being weighed on a heavy capacity industrial truck scale.

Truck Scales

Truck scales are among the most critical tools for maintaining roadway safety. Another reason many states have weight regulations for commercial trucks is to minimize the vehicle’s impact and pressure on the road’s surface. In addition, manufacturers, distributors and trucking companies rely on truck scales to calculate accurate weightments to ensure proper billing.

What Is a Truck Scale?

Truck scales contain many components that work together to determine a load’s accurate weight, from the foundation and weighbridge to the load cells and Digital Indicator. Many styles exist based on specific applications, including single-axle, full-truck and multi-axle scales.

Though mechanical lever systems were common decades ago, many of today’s truck scales use load cells positioned on the weighbridges for more precise and efficient weighing. Stationary scales work well for permanent weighing sites on highways, while portable truck scales are better suited for temporary weighing applications, like construction sites and logging projects. Some heavy-duty truck scales can safely measure loads weighing up to 80,000 pounds each several hundred times a day while providing decades of service life.

Modern technology enables truck scales to perform various functions, including storing data to calculate net weights, determining daily tonnage and interfacing with software to maximize inventory management.

Purchasing a Truck Scale for Your Specific Weighing Application

Garber Metrology has been a leading supplier of truck scales to clients across the mid-Atlantic region since 1975. We offer a comprehensive range of weighing solutions to meet the needs of nearly any high-capacity weighing application, including concrete or steel designs in above-ground, pit and portable configurations. Our professional team has decades of combined experience helping companies choose the most practical and effective scales to align with their requirements.

Several primary factors a business should consider before purchasing a truck scale include:

  • How many trucks per day will need to be weighed
  • The maximum weight capacity of each truck that will be crossing the scale
  • The types of weather and operating conditions the scale needs to withstand.
  • The load cell type, concrete or steel deck, and the ability to integrate with existing software systems.
  • Installation and maintenance requirements.
  • Operating budget.

The Importance of Calibration Services for Truck Scales

The more you use your truck scale, the more inaccurate it becomes. Calibration is especially critical for truck scales because it ensures compliance with transportation regulations while minimizing financial risks for underselling or overselling products or services. Depending on the scale’s use, professional calibration at least once annually ensures that your truck scale performs accurately without deviation from industry standards.

Besides ensuring that each scale component works optimally, regular preventive maintenance often identifies minor issues before they worsen, helping you save significant money in the long run. Many companies choose to perform calibration and maintenance before winter or the storm seasons, enabling them to prepare for the most challenging operating conditions.

Choose Garber Metrology for All Your Truck Scale Needs

If you want to learn more about how our products and services can benefit your weighing application, the experts at Garber Metrology can assist you. We’re your one-stop shop for all your scale needs, from sales and installation to calibration and maintenance. Contact our team online or call 800-427-3032 today for a price quote and additional product information.

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