Bench Scales

Bench Scales

Bench scales are among the most popular weighing instruments globally because of their versatility and flexibility in handling many applications. Depending on the operation, these devices have different housing styles and platform sizes capable of performing tasks in various industries, from small e-commerce operations to large manufacturing plants. They can provide efficient production and highly accurate measurements despite their relatively small size.

What Is a Bench Scale?

Bench scales get their names from their ability to be installed on a bench, counter or workstation tabletop. Most bench scales have a small footprint with structural designs specific to a particular application. Some scales can perform several functions, while others feature designs specialized to a single task, like counting or check-weighing.

Economical bench scales with basic designs can accurately weigh objects as small as a few pounds, while more industrialized instruments can accommodate oversized items in more demanding applications. Operating systems can vary from hydrostatic to electronic, with frame options ranging from stainless, galvanized or carbon steel materials. Bench scales serve a comprehensive industry range, including grocery, manufacturing, mail order, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing.

Buying a Bench Scale for Your Application

Garber Metrology has sold and serviced high-quality bench scales across the mid-Atlantic region since 1975. Our technical team has years of experience handling all your bench scale needs, from choosing the ideal design for your unique application to performing all the required calibrations. We offer products from some of the industry’s most recognized bench scale manufacturers, including Pennsylvania Scale, Cambridge Scale Works, Fairbank Scales and Emery Winslow.

Some of the most critical factors you should consider when purchasing a bench scale include:

  • The functions you need the scale to perform.
  • The operating environment.
  • The types of materials you measure.
  • The minimum and maximum capacities you need.
  • The quality of accuracy.
  • Readability and connectivity requirements.

Choosing a high-precision bench scale is critical if your operation relies on highly accurate measurements.

The Importance of Professional Bench Scale Installation and Calibration Services

Having your new bench scale professionally installed ensures proper balance and precise calibration, allowing you to integrate your device into your operation immediately. Our technicians install each device according to the manufacturer’s specifications to produce accurate and efficient results for your unique application.

Regular and professional calibration is necessary because daily wear and tear can affect your device’s accuracy and overall performance. When you choose Garber Metrology for your calibration needs, you know your scale will provide optimized results while meeting relevant industry regulations.

Learn More About Bench Scales With Garber Metrology

If you’re considering purchasing a bench scale for your operation, you’ve come to the right place. Garber Metrology can handle all your weighing needs, from sales and equipment installation to routine calibration services and repair services. Call 800-427-3032 or contact us online today for a quote or additional information.

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