Garber’s Pop-Up Flower Garden

by Garber Metrology

Jay standing in flowersLast summer Jay Garber, our president and CEO, decided to add a splash of color to the field near by our headquarters. During the summer months last year Jay Garber used roughly 150 to 200 pounds of seeds to make a beautiful wildflower patch. Now down the road from our office there is a beautiful field full of poppies, black-eyed Susans, blue cornflowers, anise hyssop, and plenty of other stunning flowers. So far the flower patch has garnered a lot of attention for its beauty and its scent. Many people have stopped along the road to take pictures, smell the posies, and generally enjoy the secret garden in the heart of Lancaster County.

Why wild flowers?

bee hivesJay Garber decided to plant wild flowers in the field to help the near by bee populations. Due to population growth, pesticides, and weed killer chemicals, bees have been struggling to thrive and maintain healthy hives. Planting wild flowers that contain some of their favorite flowers helps them grow stronger and create a better ecosystem for the entire area. Plants such as poppies, milkweed, and black-eyed Susans help keep the population of bees well fed and happy. So while you may find a plenty of bees in the wild flower patch don’t be alarmed and please don’t hurt them. Honeybees are very docile and peaceful when searching for pollen. If unprovoked they will often move from flower to flower without bothering you. They’re just doing their job to make the flower patch even more beautiful!

Picture – Yes! Picking – No

We are sure these flowers would look lovely in your living room but we ask that you leave them for other visitors. The flower patch will only be around for a the seasons of Spring and Summer so we ask you take pictures and buy a bouquet from a sustainable florist. This way we can help the bees continue to pollinate the patch and new visitors can appreciate the colors and scents of the wildflowers.

We hope you enjoy the wildflowers as much as we do and feel free to post pictures and send us comments on our Facebook page. We love hearing about all the wonderful memories and stunning pictures that have come from the flower patch.

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