FAQ: How often does Garber recommend that I have my scales calibrated?

by Garber Metrology

Scale calibrationHow often do you recommend that I have my scales calibrated?

For those who have begun using scales only recently for commercial, manufacturing, or other uses, regular maintenance can seem unnecessary. Ensuring that your scales are accurate and in proper working order will help create a smoother work environment and a better experience for your customers.

By working with your scale calibration provider it will also help you save time and money in the long run rather than having to invest large sums in emergency calls and compensation for customers with improperly measured product.


Depending on the workload on the scale, it may need more or less maintenance. For large pit scales that have multiple (sometimes a few hundred) daily weighing requirements you will want to schedule regular maintenance appointments to ensure accuracy and continue dependability of your scale and your company.

If your scale is not used as often or without a demanding weight load you will still want to schedule regular, less frequent, maintenance appointments to be sure the environment or possible digital miscalculations are not affecting your work.


If you have an outdoor scale or one that often weighs food or perishable materials, those factors may put your scale at risk of rust, mold, or other harmful corrosions.  By scheduling regular maintenance you can ensure that your scale will be cleaned properly and any possibly damaged materials can be replaced.

Your maintenance specialist will also be able to give you advice on how to care for your equipment properly to prolong its life and create the most accurate measurements possible. This may also help you avoid emergency appointments since you will be able to troubleshoot more effectively with the advice and predict when another appointment is in order. Over time this will save you time, money, and headaches.

Customer’s needs

You want to ensure the best, most accurate readings for your customers. By guaranteeing an accurate weigh every time you will be able to provide a better product or service to your clients, earning trust and repeat business!

Creating a reliable and pleasant experience for coworkers and customers alike will help your business succeed and grow. You may also find that with regular maintenance and consistent performance, your clients will be more inclined to refer your business either directly or through online reviews.

Love your scales.   It’s easy to take them for granted, but they can lose accuracy with repeated

Be sure if you are going to purchase scales or already have some for your business you schedule your next appointment so you may work toward making a better business.

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