Cable Tensiometer Calibration

Cable tensiometers — also called wire tension meters or tension gages — are common wherever equipment or structures need wire cables or rope for safety and support. Many applications in structural engineering utilize tensiometers to ensure the appropriate tension in wires, including utility lines, bridges, hydroelectric dams and more. Other typical applications include aircraft, radio towers, ship masts, wind turbines and various types of rooftop equipment.

How to Calibrate a Cable Tensiometer

Depending on the specific equipment type, there are various methods for calibrating tensiometers, from using the bucket method and weights for basic instruments to employing specialized force calibration equipment for more specialized devices. Our technicians use the most accurate techniques to verify the device’s measuring capabilities, allowing our clients to maintain safe operations while complying with applicable local or industrial regulations. We can perform fast and reliable calibration for nearly any instrument design, including devices from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

Because cable tensiometers can become less precise from overstretching, physical damage or spring corrosion, calibrating your instrument regularly is critical. Even though the calibration adjustments are sometimes minimal, precision is critical for applications depending on these devices for structural integrity and employee safety.

When a device reflects an inaccuracy, our technicians make the proper adjustments to remedy the error and retest the instrument to ensure precise calibration.

Our Physical Mechanical Calibration Expertise

At Garber Metrology, we offer calibration services at your facility or our advanced laboratory. When you send your instruments to us, we put them through the necessary clean room procedures and calibrate them in our environmentally controlled lab once stable.

Our team is well-versed in various calibration disciplines, from pressure, tension and temperature to low-frequency and electromagnetic. We use advanced equipment and precise processes based on your instrument model to compare testing results against industry standards.

Benefits of Choosing Garber Metrology for Cable Tensiometer Calibration Services

The Garber Metrology team strives to deliver an enhanced customer experience by providing the most accurate results while minimizing your operation’s downtime. We believe in honest and transparent communication for each calibration project we undertake.

Our expert technicians, innovative calibration methods and efficient shipping services allow us to provide some of the industry’s shortest lead times. Our on-site services allow for streamlined calibration at your facility to minimize operational downtime.

We are ISO 9001 Registered by NQA and ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by ANAB.

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Choosing a reliable metrology business capable of handling all your calibration requirements is vital to your company’s success. Whether we perform our services at your facility or our state-of-the-art lab, we’re committed to upholding the highest quality control standards while complying with the appropriate regulations. For decades, we have delivered accurate and dependable services to various applications across a comprehensive industry range, including operations relying on cable tensiometers.

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