A Mighty Wind (Tunnel): Garber’s New Addition Measures Velocity, Air Flow, Temperature and More!

by Garber Metrology

wind tunnel testingHow Garber’s New Wind Tunnel Can Help You!

When it comes to building a better product, sometimes you need to test for more than just strength and durability.
Often times you need to be able to measure more parameters for your product that you might not have the capacity to otherwise. This is especially true when you’re trying to slim down a product, reducing its overall size or frame; or if you’re making a product that needs to be able to stand up to harsher environmental elements. When it comes to measuring these parameters, having access to a wind tunnel is a huge help, as it can measure a number of different factors in short order.
Being able to test this many parameters in one place not only saves you time, but money as well; this is especially useful when you’re trying to revamp a product line.
What can a Wind Tunnel Actually Measure?
When people think of a wind tunnel, typically they think of cars. By changing the profile of a car’s exterior, you can make it more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. However, cars aren’t the only thing that can benefit from wind tunnel testing.
Sometimes, you might be working with parts and pieces on a much smaller scale that need to be tested. That said, not all wind tunnels are created equally, newer wind tunnels such as the mini WTM-1000 give you more accurate testing results for a wider range of parameters. These parameters work on two different levels:
Air flow meters: which can measure air velocity, air flow, humidity, and temperature.
Anemometers: which measure air velocity, air flow, temperature and infrared
Not only does this wind tunnel give you a wide range of highly accurate variables (within 1% of the setting, or 0.1 m/s) but it can also be calibrated to four different settings. This range gives you significantly more information about the tolerances of your product in less time. The size of the wind tunnel also means you can use both vane and hot wire type anemometers.
Garber Puts the Wind under Your Wings
Garber Metrology has been a go to when it comes to calibration and testing for weights and many other measurements for 40 years. So it should come as no surprise that they’re keeping pace with your needs for wind tunnel testing as well.
Garber’s new wind tunnel gives you the ability to make sure your products will stand up against even the toughest conditions, with the highest degree of accuracy possible. So if you have a problem trying to slim your product down or you need to meet certain tolerance parameters when it comes to stress testing then Garber Metrology has the solution.

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