Will Pit Scales Become Obsolete?

by Garber Metrology

pit scale with truckAs time and technology progresses it’s easy to see the noticeable trend of things becoming smaller and more compact. Long gone are the days of the computer that occupies a city block. The smart phone sitting in your pocket now is capable of more complex computing processes than the first 30 years of computer history combined. However, not all things are so easily reducible, despite how far our technology has come. Pit scales are a good example of this. Used to measure and weigh both tractor trailers and trains, they are necessarily massive in size, but will they also follow the trend of pocket sized technology?

What Is a Pit Scale?

To first understand whether or not a pit scale will become obsolete, it’s important that we understand what a pit scale actually is. Pit scales, similar to the digital weigh scales we use on a daily basis at the grocery store or your favorite deli, are used to weigh the load of tractor trailers. With a massive load plate, the trucker simply drives and stops, and the overall weight is then registered. This serves a number of purposes, it not only keeps the trucks within acceptable weight parameters (which is exceedingly important when you consider the weight tolerances of bridges) but also holds trucking companies accountable for the loads they are bearing.

Due to the sheer size of the scale, it’s necessary that pit scales are built underground, which helps to free up space topside and keeps the area around the scale clear and uncluttered. In terms of becoming outmoded, it’s unlikely that the pit scale will ever be rendered obsolete. Not only are they crucial for keeping roadways and bridges safe, but pit scales maintain a low enough profile that it is unnecessary to attempt to reduce them in size.

Necessary Maintenance Keeps the Pit Scale Viable

Pit scales are not only built underground, but also have enough space that they can be maintained and calibrated. Over time, the compression load cells (the parts of the scale that actually measure the weight) can wear out or begin to break down. When that happens, they either need to be replaced or recalibrated to make sure that the weight being reported is accurate. Garber Metrology has been doing just that for close to 40 years. Servicing the mid-atlantic region, Garber performs the necessary maintenance and calibrations that keep pit scales both working and accurate. Not only do they work on the larger scale, but Garber has dedicated their business to the science behind metrology. If your business relies on accurate weight, stress testing parameters, or other highly sensitive calibrations and measurements, Garber is the name to trust.

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