Truck Scale Maintenance Part Two

by Garber Metrology

Truck ScalesAfter general maintenance there are plenty of smaller, more detailed parts that need to be checked before using your scale as usual. While general maintenance for your truck scale is crucial, checking the nuts and bolts of your scale periodically will help the scale continue to weigh accurately. Without looking into the scale’s inner workings you may miss a repairable issue and spend more money in the long run than necessary. Here are a few tips to help you find issues and maintain the overall well being of your truck scale.

Checking Devices

It may seem a bit redundant but checking devices need to be maintained in order to perform properly. Be sure to look over their external parts. Check rods and bumper bolts that need to be securely connected to attachment points and you must check for any possible binding. If there is binding you will need to contact Garber Metrology Service Department so they can guide you through troubleshooting or schedule a site visit to make the necessary repairs. From there insure the jam nuts are tightly fastened and the rods and bumper bolts are free of debris and have proper clearances. The final inspection would be for major corrosion or heavy signs of rusting. If there are concerns during your inspection do not hesitate to contact Garber Metrology for an on-site visit and professional opinion.

Load Cells

Load cells are a vital piece to your truck scale and must be kept in good condition for reliable and precise measurements. Over time debris, dirt, and gravel can get caught in between the load cells. Because they are not able to move at the optimal range when the load is on the scale the reading can be compromised. If there is debris gently clean around the load cells and then focus on the cable attached to the cell. Often if there is an issue with a load cell it is with the actual cable. Check the seal for possible breakage or damage. Weather conditions or animals nibbling on the cable can cause damage and breakage. If there is damage, the load cell will have to either be replaced or repaired and we strongly recommend covering the new load cell cable with a flexible metal conduit that will stop further wear and tear.

From there you should work on scheduling regular cleanings as well as semi annual or quarterly maintenance checks. This will keep the truck scale running dependably and accurately.

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