Routine Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Services

If your company manufactures components that must stick to set tolerances, your quality control team measures those parts. The tools you use to determine your components’ measurements depend on your industry. Still, those devices must receive maintenance and calibration for your team to get accurate data.

Why Is Routine Calibration and Maintenance Important?

Scheduling routine calibration and maintenance for your measurement and weighing equipment is one of the most important things you can do for your quality control team. These tools are essential for verifying your products meet industry standards, customer specifications, and federal regulations. However, these instruments need regular inspections and testing to ensure they work properly.

Measuring your devices and performing weighing equipment calibration helps your quality control department glean reliable output from their tests. Confirming that components are interchangeable and meet expectations is a vital part of quality control for several reasons. Accurate measurements:

  • Reduce the number of components rejected by the customer.
  • Decrease remakes of parts that have already left your facility.
  • Reduce the risk of recalls.
  • Promote employee and end-user safety.
  • Associate your brand name with quality and attention to detail.

Knowing how to create a schedule for weighing equipment maintenance can be complex. Often, an instrument’s recommended calibration interval falls short of your company’s realistic needs. Various influences, like extensive use, environmental factors, and accidents, can make your measuring equipment read outside the tolerances accepted by industry and government professionals.

Our certified technicians can determine your equipment’s accuracy and make the necessary adjustments.

Our Maintenance Services

As a reputable calibration maintenance company in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we offer our clients an array of services. Professionally trained and certified technicians perform the following tasks for measuring equipment in a vast array of industries:

  • Pressure and vacuum calibration.
  • Torque calibration.
  • Surface plate calibration and resurfacing.
  • Electronic calibration.
  • Temperature humidity calibration.
  • Physical dimensional calibration.

Garber Metrology offers a myriad of calibration services for countless instruments with various weight, mass, and accuracy standards.

Customer Service Agreements

Establishing a Customer Service Agreement with Garber Metrology will ensure that your weighing equipment is operating at its peak efficiency and will ultimately save your company time and money. Our agreements will schedule service visits at appropriate intervals, and will include the following:

  • Inspection, calibration, and adjustments to your equipment.
  • General cleaning of equipment.
  • Instruction in the proper use and maintenance of your equipment.
  • Preferential scheduling of service.
  • Special discounts on new equipment purchases and emergency service calls.

Our weighing equipment calibration and maintenance are backed by our stringent Quality Assurance Program. In addition to maintaining traceability of our test weights, Garber Metrology also ensures that test weight accuracy is maintained between calibration intervals.

Garber Metrology is ISO 9001 Registered by NQA and ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by ANAB. Our Quality Assurance Program meets ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. All calibrations are accompanied by Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST. If needed, calibrations can be performed to NRC 10 CFR Regulations.

Trust Garber Metrology With Routine Calibration Services

When you work with us for calibration services, we can offer regional pickup and drop-off services to work on your instruments in our facility. Our laboratory is certified and temperature-controlled to handle devices requiring the strictest conditions. If you’re able to ship the instrument, we can also calibrate in our laboratory and send back to you.

Our certified technicians can also complete the same services on-site. We’ve worked on vast amounts of devices in manufacturing facilities, so our team has experience performing calibrations and inspections in various environments.

Between our Quality Assurance Program and personal commitment to quality, we complete each of our services with expertise and efficiency.

Contact Us to Discuss Routine Calibration Services

At Garber Metrology, our certified technicians are industry experts. We’ve calibrated and maintained measuring and weighing equipment for clients in almost every industry. Whatever your applications are, we have the experience to use industry best practices and calibrate your tools effectively so you receive precise measurements.

Does your quality control team need calibration services? Contact us today to learn more about our calibration services! Call 1-800-427-3032 or fill out our online request for quote form.

Accreditation and Certifications

It is the policy of Garber Metrology to continuously improve our processes to ensure the highest quality services to our customers. Garber Metrology holds the following certifications/accreditations:

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