September is National Preparedness Month

by Garber Metrology


With the community in mind, we’re taking a break from our calibration and metrology talk to remind you that September is National Preparedness Month and give you a few tips for staying safe in the event of a natural disaster.

Make a plan

Write and if needed, draw out a plan with your family and friends so you can all understand what needs to be done to stay safe in a disaster. Be sure to design a plan with each member of your family as well so they will know exactly what they need to do. Depending on the emergency you may need to create different plans. For floods you may need to explain the safest place in your home or community and it may be different than the safest places for an earthquake.

To make a plan have the contact information the reader will need first. From there have directions and possible previsions they will need for any trip they may make to the safe house. Once you have provided them with immediate information give them more information they may need (making a fire, filtering water, etc.) to survive.

Contact loved ones

Make a form for yourself and others that have all emergency contact information, cell phone numbers, and address. This way in an emergency you can reach your loved ones and find them if needed.

If you are unable to contact your loved ones or find them be sure they understand the plan to get to safety.

Begin stocking supplies

Once you’ve created a plan you need to begin stock piling supplies you may need in an emergency. If you will be staying at home for an emergency you will need to find foodstuffs, medical equipment, and clothes or creature comforts so you will get through the emergency safely.

There are several companies and organizations to help you prepare and store food and water to prepare for a disaster. Be sure to research each possible food supply well before purchasing or creating food. Some companies use harsh preservatives in their food, which may harm you in the long run or make digestion difficult.

If possible begin a garden and start canning and preserving your own food supply. This will help you become self-sufficient and keep your family healthy during a disaster.

If needed, practice

While it may seem silly at first practicing your plan will help you and your loved ones understand exactly what needs to be done and will help you iron out any problems to make it efficient and effective. It will also show any possible flaws in your plan before the emergency so everyone will be safer. After a few practices you will be able to streamline and work through it quickly.

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