Retail Scale Maintenance

by Garber Metrology

Retail ScaleHaving a scale in your store can make your workday easier and more efficient. Keeping your scale well calibrated and maintained is vital to continue measuring precise and accurate products. Here are a few tips to keep your scale clean and working well for many years to come.

Annual Recalibration

Be sure to have your scale recalibrated and maintained on a yearly basis or more often if necessary. This way you will not have to worry if your scale is measuring items and materials precisely and you can continue offering accurate and safe products to the public. You will also want to do this because it will save you time and money in the long run. As technicians come into your store to recalibrate they will be able to find parts that need replaced or repaired. This will help cut down on larger costs throughout the year and may keep you from having to buy another scale.

Dust and Clear of Debris

In between calibrations be sure to regularly clear and dust your scale inside and out. This does not mean you have to take the whole thing apart but making sure you get dust out from in between the moving parts. This will help the scale measure accurately without strain or damage. You can use a soft cloth and condensed air cans to clear out any small debris in the scale’s moving parts and load cells. This will clear the scale without possibly moving or damaging the parts.

Keep Clean and Devoid of Rust

Always keep the scale clean and check for any rust or corrosion. If you have moving metal parts in your scale there is a good chance that rust can occur. Always check your scale and keep it dry and clean. If you use a scale in a shop or in a restaurant there is a possibility that moisture will become trapped in the scale. This means rust or corrosion can happen. Once a week look over your scale and clean and dust your scale. This will ensure a long, well-working life for the scale and plenty of reliably weighed products for your customers.

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