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ScalesNIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is a government agency that has been in business for 115 years that provides precise and accurate measurements for laboratories, businesses, schools, and the military. With the turn of the century NIST (then National Bureau of Standards) began giving reliable measurements to create uniformity and safety for consumers, teachers, students, and businesses.

A bit of history

NIST was originally created out of the organization of National Weights and Measures. It was a subset of the national treasury. After a bill was passed the government decided it was time to create a separate entity that would have a laboratory and building where the staff could create their own standard of weights and measures. With a $40,000 budget the bureau adopted European measurement standards and began providing metrology services for U.S. military, businesses and laboratories. From there you could say the rest is history.

Place in the industry

NIST is now the final say in metrology services. The agency is on the cutting edge of metrology technology and can work to create accuracy and precise measurements down to the millionth of a millimeter. Many smaller, privately owned metrology companies will work with NIST when they need to recalibrate their own weights and measuring systems or when a client needs a scale recalibrated that the company does not have the capability to do so. This then creates a precise and accurate scale or other form of measurement without costing the customer more time and money and the local company is still able to offer services needed.

Working with them

We work with NIST on a regular basis to ensure our measurements are accurate, our tools are preforming perfectly, and our practices are efficient. Periodically we will send our calibration equipment to NIST for maintenance. This way we can offer the best services possible. If necessary we will also send client’s scales or measuring systems to NIST. If we do not have the facility or the equipment necessary we will send it on behalf of the client. This way we can eliminate unnecessary steps for the client and save them a headache.

Accreditation and Certifications

It is the policy of Garber Metrology to continuously improve our processes to ensure the highest quality services to our customers. Garber Metrology holds the following certifications/accreditations:

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