Introduction to Truck Scale Maintenance

by Garber Metrology


When installing a new truck scale be sure to install it right the first time. Have a skilled team of technicians install the equipment and be sure the surrounding environment is as accommodating as possible. Do not have large equipment in the way of the job site and clear it of any possible debris.

Preventative Maintenance

The first step in preventative maintenance is to schedule regular maintenance checks. This will help new employees learn the proper management of the truck scales and it will remind seasoned veterans of the field when they need to check the scale. You will want to have semi-annual or even quarterly testing depending on the volume of traffic going across the scale. This way you can check all components exposed to the weather each season and act accordingly.

Depending on your business needs you may want to schedule the maintenance checks just before your busy season or before the winter months. Clean out any possible debris such as dirt, leaves, and material build-up. Though it may seem simple and common sense this maintenance is often over looked and can cause drastic changes in your results. This way you will be prepared for whatever business or Mother Nature throws at you.

Looking into past calibration reports may also help you predict repeat issues. If certain parts have rusted or worn over winter, there is a good chance they will need to be repaired or replaced. If you have debris under the scale during the summer you should check the underside of the scale again. If there are repetitive binding issues you can also figure out ways to prevent further malfunctions, which may save you money and stress in the long run.

Visual Inspection

First thing you should always check is the foundation of the scale. During your visual inspection look at both the piers and washout slab for any cracking or changes in the elevation. Many times you will see where frost heaving has occurred over the winter causing these cracks. If major elevation issues have occurred than a closer look into the depth of the piers and overall foundation needs to be performed.

Once you have looked at the foundation, look at the surface area of the scale deck. The deck may show some signs of wear, but any large cracking or flaking of the concrete will have to be addressed before it becomes a major structural issues with the platform. Just remember that taking a few minutes to perform a visual inspection may save your hours of downtime and dollars later.

Possible Repair

If repair is necessary be sure to hire a reputable company that will repair and recalibrate your truck scale quickly and easily. Garber Metrology offers repair and troubleshooting solutions. All technicians are trained to find the issue and solve it efficiently. Each van contains replacement parts or can be ordered to avoid downtime.

We will cover more of these issues in our next blog post.


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