How Do Transducer Load Cell Simulators Work?

by Garber Metrology

laboratory testing scaleNow, about those transducer load cell simulators

Load cells can weigh large quantities of materials, food, stock, and textiles. Often found in agriculture, manufacturing, and in factories, load cells need to be regularly checked. By using simulators to test, troubleshoot problems, and calibrate cells, technicians can accurately learn about the issue and fix it without any loss of goods.

Excitation Voltage

By “exciting,” or using electricity to mimic weight, the load cell technicians are able to simulate certain weights and measurements with voltage. Load cells and simulators are both passive instruments in that they will only put out what is put in. With that in mind simulators can be wonderful tools to set up your load cell for certain weights. If you know you’re going to have a certain amount of feed or material, simulating that can help the load cell know when to move, mix, or place the product.

Under pressure

By exciting voltage in the simulator, technicians are also able to find where the load cell has differences in pressure, weight, and strain without causing further damage to the load cell. This can be incredibly important to ensure the life of a load cell and the quality of the materials weighed. By mirroring the materials or good through electricity, a simulator is able to find if they are given an equal reading or if not, why.

Prevents Overvoltage

Because load cells deal with large amounts of voltage and weight, without proper calibration they can be overwhelmed and may short of their voltage goes over what they are programmed to do. By using a simulator to set up a load cell, it is easier to find the cell’s limits and work within the boundaries to ensure a long lasting cell.

Remote Weight Measuring

Calibrating a load cell with a simulator before use can be helpful if the cell will not be in front of the technician. If they are sitting at a desk in front of the computer instead of in the factory, farmstead, or manufacturing floor, they may not be able to see if the load cell is properly measuring materials. Using a simulator during set up can help avoid any possible errors that could hurt the quality of the materials or the load cell itself.

Using simulators can be incredibly important before and during the use of load cells. They can ensure the reliability or measurements and the quality of the finished product as well.


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