How do I know which IP Rating I need?

by Garber Metrology

damaged scaleHow do I know which IP Rating I need?

Choosing a scale with the proper IP rating can be fairly simple if you research products, companies, and really understand the needs of your business. Reading through this quick guide may help you begin your research before your purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from the companies as well as your coworkers. They will be able to provide different perspectives and insights you may not have considered on your own.


Depending on your workspace dust and debris could find its way onto and into your scale’s inner workings if you do not have the correct IP rated scale. Before purchasing, consider the amount of people who would come into contact with your scale everyday and what sort of product would it weigh. If you’re in a setting where food particles could be introduced (restaurant, deli, etc.), you will want a scale with high IP ratings in both dust and water. If you are working outside you will also want to make sure the casing around the scale will protect it from the elements.


Water and other liquids are often a concern in many settings. Scales can be introduced to fluids by the product, humans, and the environment. Selecting a dependable scale that can endure water damage or possible submergence can be important depending on your workspace. If you are in the pharmaceutical field, being able to weather liquids can be incredibly important since many prescriptions are in liquid form. The same can be said in restaurant or food preparation settings. If your company will be using the scale to weigh liquid matter, be sure to obtain a scale with an IP rating that can tolerate such demands to ensure your customer’s health and safety.


The ruggedness of your device will also depend on the workload. Are you usually weighing out small loads or loads that can be found on skids and semi trucks?  These questions may seem elementary and redundant but they can mean the difference between an accurate scale and a destroyed scale. Before purchasing a scale go through the workday of your company and decide what sort of shift work, workload, and environment your scale will be enduring.

Choosing a scale with a higher IP rating than you may need could be a good decision for your company. It will ensure a longer life for the scale and it will probably withstand most anything you throw at it.  Be sure to research all possible buying options before purchase and understand that asking questions is always a good idea. This is an investment in your long-term business plan and should be treated as such.

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