Hermetically Sealed Load Cells and You

by Garber Metrology

 weight scalesWhat are hermetically sealed load cells?

Load cells are used as a way to weight materials that are often found in industrial settings (metal, feed, lumber, etc.). They are incredibly sensitive and able to weight large amounts of product at a time with precision. Load cells are often made with welded stainless steal that surrounds the actual PC board (what communicates with the software to indicate measurements) and the cable (transports information).

How are they used?

These load cells are used in hundreds of different settings such as factories, milling processing plants, and even in agriculture. In agriculture load cells are used to weigh the feed for the livestock or the livestock themselves. This can help keep the animals well fed and help the company prepare and organize orders.

In milling plants they are used to weigh orders for clients such as bakeries, grocery stores, or even in retail settings. By using load cells they are able to weigh large amounts of flour, sugar, or other products at once and ship them all over the U.S. efficiently.

Factories will use load cells in a similar way. By weighing raw materials before transporting them to clients they ensure that they will not lose any product on the way to its destination.

Depending on the environment surrounding the load cell it may need to be hermetically sealed. If in a agricultural setting the elements such as wind, rain, and livestock waste can harm a load cell (making it inaccurate). By hermetically sealing the cell, it will be able to endure the elements without serious upkeep or replacement.

Why are they important?

Load cells help keep many industrial companies organized and working efficiently. Since they are able to weigh and ship large amounts of raw materials in only a few steps it makes it easier to get to the retailers where people shop everyday.

They also make transporting goods and materials safer. Since they are able to weigh shipments beforehand the order will not go over the capacity of the truck, ship, or plane that will be moving it. This means there will be less of a chance of error or contamination. Without load cells we may be more at risk of contaminated livestock, materials, food, and even textiles. By using the proper load cells many manufacturers can ensure a quality product.





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