Meet The Garber Metrology Staff: Carlen Lanser

by Garber Metrology

Carlen Lanser Garber MetrologyName:  Carlen Lanser

Birthday:  May 4, 1956

Hometown: I was born in Philadelphia & moved to the countryside of Downingtown when I was a year old,  I lived in Downingtown until November 1977 when my husband & I moved to our home in Narvon, Lancaster County.

Title/Position:  Adminstrative Assistant – Precision Calibration Solutions

Number of years with current company: 15+ 

What do you do in your position? My main responsibilities are invoicing, quoting, customer service & doing what is necessary to keep the customers happy.  I’m constantly changing hats.

What interested you originally to do the work that you do?  I’ve been in this business for over 25 years & worked at another calibration company before coming to Garber.  Guess you could say this business is in my blood.

What is your favorite part of the work you do? When a customer contacts me with a particular need or concern & I can resolve it for them so that their job is made easier, especially when they are in the middle of an audit & they are feeling pressure.

What is your favorite experience you had with a client or your favorite achievement is servicing a client?  There have been so many over the years that it is hard to pin point a particular one.  One that comes to mind is meeting customers at our open house a few years ago…especially Brenda Bolman.  She was so thrilled to meet all of us & see our facility.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working? I love to knit (it’s relaxing & a great stress release).  I like spending time with my 4 grandchildren but unfortunately 3, Emma, Madeleine & Winter live near Seattle so I have to settle for Skype.  My grandson, Tyler, lives close by so I see him frequently.  I enjoy reading & antique hunting with my husband.

What is your favorite childhood memory?  Playing Kick the Can with siblings & neighborhood kids. I was always the one in the family who would nurse injured animals too.  

What is your favorite food? Anything with strawberries! 

What is your favorite beverage?  Green tea or Mike’s Lemonade.  Occasionally I’ll enjoy some wine or a strawberry daiquiri.

What are your 3 favorite movies? Mr. Holland’s Opus, Star Trek (the new ones), 27 Dresses (chic flick)

What are your 3 favorite bands?  Just 3?  The Civil Wars, Mumford & Sons, Celtic Woman, Switchfoot & John Denver.

What was your first concert? John Denver in the  mid-70’s in Valley Forge

What are your 3 favorite restaurants?  Applebee’s, Outback & Woody’s in North East, MD

Have you ever wanted to throw a calibration weight through a wall?   Interesting question but I don’t think that has ever entered my mind.

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