FAQ: What does the “IP” on my scale mean?

by Garber Metrology

What does the “IP” on my scale mean?

The IP on a scale basically grades the ruggedness or endurance of your scale. This can include factors like resistance from dust or water and how much it can withstand.  If you work outdoors or with water-based products the IP of your scale will need to be higher than if it was in a retail or restaurant setting. The IP will also help you learn what will last longer in your workspace. Depending on the workload, a scale can withstand years of use or a shift.  Be sure to pick the scale that is right for you and your company so you do not end up with a behemoth in your café or a wimpy scale in your factory.

IP or Ingress Protection describes the case around the electronic scale to protect it. The protection is broken down to water and dust and can be in any degree from condensation to high jet stream or touch by hand to complete dust protection. By using the IP a business is able to give their customers a more exact and accurate description of its resistance other than a more vague “waterproof.”

The chart can be further used with more detail by using letters to explain touch, whether it be the back of the hand (A) or oil resistance (f).  While looking for different scales it’s important to find these additional requirements so you may find a scale that is perfect for your work environment. It can also indicate how the strength of the scale was tested; for instance, a rating of IP9K will explain that the scale was hit with 14-16 litres of water per minute.  For others it will tell the duration of the time such as 30 minutes submerged underwater or submerged continuously.

Be sure to research the chart and your options from various distributors and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Be sure to also schedule regular calibration and maintenance appointments to keep your scales accurate and dependable.

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