Electronic sound-level meters: where are they used and how

by Garber Metrology

FactoryElectronic sound-level meters are used to measure sound decibels to ensure safe workspaces. In many industries sound is inevitable. In order to avoid ear damage from the noise of a printing press, tractor, or industrial fan electronic sound-level meters measure the decibels so employees can use earplugs or have timed projects to save their hearing. Here are few industries that use electronic sound-level meters and how it has benefited their workforce and the company in general.


In factories, manufacturing, and plants there is often plenty of noise throughout the entire building. Some of it may not even be too loud but can still cause damage over long periods of time. By using the electronic sound-level meter the company can find out the measurement of decibels admitted from machinery and act accordingly.

In many factories there are timed shifts for certain rooms or areas in the building. This helps limit the exposure to noise so it will not cause long-term damage. Some also offer earplugs. That way even if there are timed shifts you are less likely to damage your hearing over time. Often times there are also practices that employees must learn before working in restricted areas. That way there can be practices in place to help the staff from temporary or permanent damage.


In open and closed construction sites it can be incredibly noisy which may mean dangerous. To be sure the employees are safe they need to use a electronic sound-level meter. Like factories the meter must be used so noise does not damage hearing but the vibration of tools and hardware from noise can be dangerous as well. This can move pieces, which may fall on employees and damage materials on site. Electronic sound-level meters are used to see if there need to be specified hard hat areas, if there is a need to reinforced structures, or if there should be timed shifts so employees and certain materials are less likely to be damaged. This helps employees since it reduces stress levels on site and helps keep them from becoming injured or worse.

Concert Venues

While everyone loves a good concert the music pumping out of the amplifiers can be incredibly damaging if there are not proper acoustics and soundproofing installed. Electronic sound-level meters are used to keep concertgoers and staff safe from hearing impairment. If the decibels are too high there are possible solutions (further soundproofing, reconstruction, etc.) to solve the problem. They can also be used to find the right amplifiers for the venue so everyone can hear the music without having to wear earplugs.

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