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Screws for countingMany businesses, no matter the industry, need to take inventory at least once a year. Inventory can be a time-consuming and tiresome task that many dread throughout the year. Using counting scales can help businesses take inventory of small, numerous materials so you and your coworkers can use time and energy more efficiently. In this post we’ll discuss how the scale works, fields in which counting scales are used, and how to maintain and care for them.

How they work 

Counting scales allow you to count many small pieces of material or items using their weight instead of counting them individually. You do this by weighing one item; say a nail, on the scale before placing the rest of the nails onto the scale. Once the scale knows the weight of one individual nail it can divide the weight of the entire amount of nails by one individual nail and have an accurate count of the number of nails or materials. This is useful if you have a couple hundred of identical items or raw materials this will save you a lot of time counting and categorizing for inventory. When you weigh an individual item be sure to tare any possible containers for the item or items. This way your measurement will be precise and accurate.

Where are they are used

Fields such as food, manufacturing, construction, factory, and other industries use counting scales to keep track of their materials and goods as they are used, transported, or sold. In the food industry counting scales are used to measure the amount of an ingredient goes into a recipe before it is added and measures the amount of food stuffs before it is packaged and shipped. This way the amount that is sent is always the same and always identical to the last order. For restaurants, grocery stores, and even private homes it is important that all food, ingredients, and materials are all the same weight and proportions that were advertised. Otherwise this can be dangerous for some with food allergies or dietary restrictions. The same is true for construction and manufacturing. If materials and items are not measured accurately the final product can be compromised or made dangerous.

Care for your counting scale

To properly care for your scale you will always want to keep it clean and clear of debris. You should also have it calibrated regularly by a reliable technician. This way you will always have an accurate and precise measurement and product.

Counting scale rental

Garber Metrology is your one stop shop for all your counting scale needs. We have many different capacities and models to choose from to handle all your inventory needs. Garber Metrology will certify, provide necessary documentation, and will deliver the counting scales to your location for the desired time frame that you need them. We have rental periods from as short as 1 day to as long as several months, just let us know how long you need your scales when placing your order. Also, we have other scales available for rent, not just counting scales. We also have in our rental fleet; floor scales, bench scales, crane scales and even a 70’ fully functional truck scale. Call Garber Metrology today for rates and more information.

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