Will Pit Scales Become Obsolete?

As time and technology progresses it’s easy to see the noticeable trend of things becoming smaller and more compact. Long gone are the days of the computer that occupies a… Read More

Unsung Hero: The Pit Truck Scale

About Pit Truck Scales Pit scales weigh and evenly distribute goods such as flour, sugar, and corn for commercial use or wholesale purchase. These scales are incredibly important in large mills… Read More

Hermetically Sealed Load Cells and You

 What are hermetically sealed load cells? Load cells are used as a way to weight materials that are often found in industrial settings (metal, feed, lumber, etc.). They are incredibly… Read More

Who is the NIST?

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How Does a Torque Wrench Work?

How a Torque Wrench Works If you’ve ever had a hard time opening a jar of pickles, then you can appreciate the work that torque wrenches do. A torque wrench… Read More

Deep in the Pit with Pit Scales

Pit Scales: Deep in the Pit It’s amazing to think just how far technological advances have brought tools we’ve used since the dawn of time. Take scales for example, it’s… Read More

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