Vasant’s Trip to India

My wife Mina and I went to India for a 3 week vacation. This was my first trip back to India after 32 years of living in the United States;… Read More

About Transducer Load Cell Simulators

Load cells can weigh large quantities of materials, food, stock, and textiles. Often found in agriculture, manufacturing, and in factories, load cells need to be regularly checked. By using simulators… Read More

How Do Pit Scales Work?

 Pit Scales: How They Work Simply put, a pit scale is a scale built into a large pit.  The weight plate of the scale sits at ground level. Scales such as… Read More

Understanding Floor Scales

Purpose, Care and Customization of Floor Scales Floor scales are used in numerous business arenas to accurately measure weight of goods and materials for the consumer.  For instance, weighing cargo can… Read More

Meet The Garber Staff: Mark Prokay

Name:  Mark Prokay Birthday: 12/11/1978 Hometown: Cochranville Title/Position:  Calibration Technician Number of years with current company:  1 year What do you do in your position?  I work in the Physical… Read More

Platform Scales vs Bench Scales

Sometimes one type of product can be an extension of another, in spite of the fact that the name doesn’t indicate this.  That’s kind of the case with bench scales. … Read More

Under Pressure- Compression Load Cells

Understanding Compression Load Cells While most people haven’t heard of a compression load cell, almost everyone has used one. While load cells are typically found in manufacturing equipment, a compression… Read More

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