What Does The Department of Weights And Measures Actually Do?

by Garber Metrology

weight calibrationStandard Weight and Measures

Many items we buy are packaged by their weight, volume, or quantity to ensure that we are given a fair and dependable product for the price. To guarantee the weight of one pound of flour in one store is the same in another, hundreds of men and women travel all over the state to test scales, packaging systems, and measurements. By using equipment in the field and working in laboratories to create reliable scales and weights the department of weights and measures helps businesses give their customers the best product possible.

A bit of history

Formed in 1915, the department was formed with local, county, and state employees to ensure standardization of all scales and measurements of weight, mass, length, etc. Pennsylvania Standard Labs implements calibrations in mass, volume, and length to find an average in equipment that will be as accurate as possible.

By visiting businesses and working with manufacturers to create reliable and accurate weighing devices, the department of weights and measures makes requirements to ensure safety for customers and security for businesses.

For businesses

Businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and bulk food establishments have a representative from the department of weights and measures come in once a year to recalibrate scales, weights, and other measuring instruments for accuracy and dependability.

This is done so the business can confidently sell food, textiles, and materials to customers. You can be sure that the scales and other measuring equipment are up-to-date by looking for the health inspection certificate, which they will display on the wall. You can also feel free to ask the employees questions about how they use their scales. In restaurants, grocery stores, or craft supplies stores should have knowledgeable staff to answer many questions you have.

Contact us here at Garber Metrology by phone or email if you want answers to more detailed or precise questions regarding weights, measurements or further clarity regarding the Department of Weights and Meaures, part of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Ride and Measurement Standards.

For the home

When buying measuring implements for your home you can contact the department of weights and measures and they can offer a list of retail stores that offer scales that have been approved by the organization. This will make the food and materials you prepare for your family safer and more consistent (something they will definitely appreciate if the last couple of meals have had a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of cumin in it).





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